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Re: Websites on a Matrix Printer

On Sat, Sep 29, 2012 at 10:03:02AM +0200, herbert langhans wrote:
> yes--you get the point about the simplicity. I just gave away my Samsung
> laserprinter because I had no working drivers and completely changed all
> my systems to NetBSD. Toner refilling is a mess anyway and the Cups
> printserver wasnt running that well (on Linux in the past).
> (...)

Did you count in the possibility of exhausting debugging-sessions
(researching, reading/writing code and/or filters, waiting for
mailing-list answers) when considering your no-laser, no-postscript

I'm just saying, when looking for trouble, you're better off if you make
sure it's worth it.  Setting up a PS-BW-Laserprinter with CUPS on NetBSD
will take you less than an hour (especially if the printer has a
`perfect' rating on and be nearly as reliable as a

Maybe the cost per page is a tad higher but how many pages per day do
you want to print?  A cartridge for my Kyocera FS-1030D costs around 90$
and it takes me almost a year to drain that thing.

> I really dont want to have a laser printer anymore and buy every few
> years a new model because of quality issues or discontinuation of
> toner or whatever.

I bought my FS-1030D in 2006.  Before that I had a FS-1010 but I gave it
away because the FS-1010 wasn't able to do duplex-printing (printing on
both sides).  They are both in service, never needed any service and
their cartridges are still available at acceptable/low prices.

                Petar Bogdanovic

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