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Websites on a Matrix Printer

Hi List,
some question about traditional matrix printers. 

I am quite sure I can copy some text file to /dev/lpt and a matrix
printer brings it to paper the same way it looks with $cat textfile.txt.

If I use a web browser like firefox with some simple website, like for
example such one:
- the printer will make some graphical typeset what looks like the
 website (big/small fonts, graphics). Right?

Is there some easy way to pass such a print job in a way to get a simple
built-in-typeset output on a matrix printer? Is there even a printer
driver required? There might be an easy solution ...

Being a teacher I want to buy some cheap and relieable Oki printer 
since I produce lots of such paper. Laser toner is not very
economically, inkjet is to forget anyway.

Any ideas, hints?
Thank you!
herb langhans

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