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Re: Websites on a Matrix Printer


On 09/29/12 10:03, herbert langhans wrote:
I guess any modern matrix printer will print graphically with the
typeset of the webpages. But often the fontsize and -face is not right,
sometimes very tiny, advertisment junk in there and so on.

All I want is to use the internal typeset of such printers. This will
print much faster and is all I need.

Years ago there were occasional business letters what had to look
nicely, but that all goes by e-mail now. Some special material, plastic
foil, big format and such goes anyway to the printshop. I really dont
want to have a laser printer anymore and buy every few years a new model
because of quality issues or discontinuation of toner or whatever.
I perfectly understand you. Dotmatrix printers can be quite fast and the output is very readable in my opinion.

For printing out code or listings, they are unbeatable. For webpages it is difficult though! On windows everything is easier with font-subistitution.

Cups+ghostscript can do the job, I think. However I don't think you can leverage the integrated fonts. YOu would need the equivalent bitmap font for sceen display and the driver would need to substitute it, like it was done in good ol windows 3.1 or Macintosh days. Else, the closest is t change your browser preferences to use sans-serif fonts.


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