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Re: Games works better under control of NetBSD, than under Linux' ?

2012/9/27, Julio Merino <>:

>> Actually I wrote in my initial post already, that difference is kinda
>> dramatic in favor of NetBSD.
> What dramatic difference? 2.69s - 2.33s = 0.36s; yep, not even half a
> second. You not being "100% precise" as you claim above explains this.

Then make your mind up, whether "This experiment and numbers are not
representative. The experiment is inaccurate due to the need of manual
intervention, and the difference in the numbers is so low that you
could blame the lack of precision in time(1) for measurements at that
scale." - or not.

> And many more things explain such a tiny difference in wall time.

You still didn't answer: WHY are you so opposed to install the game,
and see it all by yourself? You're afraid of... what actually?

It'll take less of your time than typing the message, which I just answered.

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