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Re: Games works better under control of NetBSD, than under Linux' ?

2012/9/27, Julio Merino <>:

> This experiment and numbers are not representative. The experiment is
> inaccurate due to the need of manual intervention, and the difference
> in the numbers is so low that you could blame the lack of precision in
> time(1) for measurements at that scale.

I fully agree.

> You need to play those games to get any meaningful information, and
> then gather data while they are running. Do they make use of 3D
> acceleration? Are they using the same drivers (video, audio, etc)?

Same hardware, and under Linux even better (newer) drivers. That's why
I'm amazed with the results. Actually NetBSD doesn't shine as "gaming
platform", and now such interesting thing...

> What frame rates do you get?

No idea, hot to find it out. I believe, in both cases it's high, since
the movement is quite fluent.

> What CPU usage do you get while actually playing?

Actually I wrote in my initial post already, that difference is kinda
dramatic in favor of NetBSD.

Can you tell me: why you all are so opposed to install this little
game - which isn't troublesome at all, be it Linux or NetBSD - and see
it all by yourself?

One more thing: I've examined FreeDroid game under both systems - and
I see similar (high) load in both system. The same result for quite
different game (of different author) is suggesting to me, that in case
of Lbreakout2 / LGeneral there _CAN_ be a real difference... and I'm
curious what makes this difference. Why under NetBSD the game is
"nicer" to CPU?

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