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Re: About

On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 5:29 AM, Adam Hoka <> 

> I see only a few useful articles, most of them are todo lists.

A fair assessment of the current state of the wiki's general-interest
content. Again, this is one of the reasons we haven't made any sort of
public announcement that the wiki is ready for the world.

Another way to tell at a glance: look at the items on the todo list.
Most of them are pretty obviously necessary to complete before anyone
could claim the wiki is ready for general use. (And now there's a new
todo item regarding content migration (thanks haad@)).

> I wanted to add stuff, but I gave up finding out how to create a new page
> after looking trough all of the chaotic options on the page and gave up.
> How do you expect us to add content this way?

If you're using a web browser, see
<URL:>. If CVS, see
<URL:>. Both pages are linked from the
"Getting Started" box on the wiki front page. If this isn't as clear
as it should be, please make a todo item about it. Otherwise, how do
you expect me to know about the problem? :-p

> The page is totally unorganised (which should be the strength of a wiki),
> but we can work on it I guess by constructing a proper start page with
> links to major topics. Thats something I volunteer to help with.

Sure, go for it!

> Maybe we could just start migrating The Guide to the wiki and use it as
> an easy to edit documentation source (something we currently lack and make
> our docs lag behind reality) so none of your efforts are going to waste?

Indeed, it might be nice to have the Guide more easily editable so
that more developers might help maintain it.

> Again, sorry if i was operating in asshole mode.

Not at all. I got a bit short with Marc, and I'm sorry it came to that
in public, but it's nothing to do with you or anyone else. If I ever
have a problem with reasonable ideas expressed reasonably, you should
feel free to tell me I'm being a jerk. :-)

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