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Re: About

I think I'm going to hurt your feelings, so I want to say sorry beforehand.

On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 11:49 PM, Amitai Schlair 
<> wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 3:40 PM, Marc Balmer <> wrote:
>> Looks to me like someone just wanted to have this wiki, working on an
>> agenda, an ignoring what is already there.
> Marc, I respect your need to hold an opinion and to express that
> opinion. It's obviously a very strong need in your case, since you've
> managed to hold and express a variety of differing opinions on this
> topic alone. What you've said above isn't the most hurtful of them
> (that one came by private mail some months ago), but it's certainly a
> polarity change from the last. More to the point, it's false, as you
> well know. If this criticism of yours were careful and true, that'd
> far outweigh any potential hurt feelings. But it isn't, so the net
> effect is that you seem like a jerk. I doubt that's how you mean to
> come across. So I'd like to ask you -- speaking purely for myself, a
> person with some emotion invested in the wiki along with time and
> effort -- to balance your need to be seen having an opinion with the
> facts of the wiki development process you've been privy to all along
> and then, in turn, with the needs of the Project.

Sorry, but he got a point, like it or not.

> Everyone else: I'm happy there is interest in the state of NetBSD's
> web sites in general and in particular. The latter,
> while not hidden from view, needs more work before it'll be ready for
> public consumption. That's why we haven't made any sort of public
> announcement: it's not ready yet. Providing an easy way for
> non-developers to contribute to the wiki has become a high priority.

I see only a few useful articles, most of them are todo lists.
I wanted to add stuff, but I gave up finding out how to create a new page
after looking trough all of the chaotic options on the page and gave up.
How do you expect us to add content this way?
The page is totally unorganised (which should be the strength of a wiki),
but we can work on it I guess by constructing a proper start page with
links to major topics. Thats something I volunteer to help with.

> wiki.n.o was not originally intended to be a replacement for
>, but it's becoming clear that we can and should aim for
> that target. Help, as always, is appreciated.

Maybe we could just start migrating The Guide to the wiki and use it as
an easy to edit documentation source (something we currently lack and make
our docs lag behind reality) so none of your efforts are going to waste?

Again, sorry if i was operating in asshole mode.


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