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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/fonts/dejavu-ttf

I asked a question to quantify what the real problem is, and I'm sorry
if that got buried so I'm restating it.

First, I am assuming that that because on the machine in question that
you have set X11_TYPE=modular because native X is not installed.  (You
are welcome to do what you want, but proposals to change pkgsrc IMHO
have to be motivated by examples that are not deliberate

You have a patch to dejavu-ttf to omit font registration.  So let's
assume that with that patch, you build everything you need.

Now, if you back out that patch, and make replace in dejavu-ttf (or the
equivalent before/after full builds; the detailed mechanism is not the

  what exactly is built and installed that you would rather isn't?

  how long does it take to build?

  how big is it?

I think we are discussing trading off your discomfort with a small
amount of unnecessary but not troublesome package bits with increased
complexity for everyone.

If you want to run with no native X and X11_TYPE=native to make things
break, I would say that you are of course welcome to do that in a Free
Software world, but I don't think we should change pkgsrc on that basis.

Everybody else has been quiet.  I'd like to hear from others about the
big picture issue here.

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