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Re: successful boot report

>>     Bus 00  Slot 11: CMD PCI0646 IDE
>>                                   dqa.
> This should be the DQA0 CDROM device.

Looks to me as though this is just the controller.

Actually, when I did that "show config" there was no CD drive at all
connected.  But I just now tried it with a drive connected and nothing
more showed up, neither in SRM nor in NetBSD.  And it's not just a duff
drive, either; I put it on a peecee and both the BIOS and NetBSD see it
just fine.  As an additional test, I put a real disk drive on there,
with the same cable I used for the CD drive, and it showed up as DQA0,
so it's not just that I happen to have a fried cmdide0.  Perhaps it's
just SRM taking its marbles and going home because it's not a real
honest-to-DEC[%] CD drive.

I checked the kernel config, and all the entries are there to see
cmdide0 -> atabus0 -> atapibus0 -> cd0.  I conjecture (with no real
grounds, save that it's the first explanation that comes to mind for
NetBSD's failure to see it) that the cmdide is not ATAPI-compatible.

[%] A phrase I saw in off-list email prompted by this thread and liked
    enough to steal.

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