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Re: successful boot report

On Mon, 4 Jul 2011, der Mouse wrote:

    Bus 00  Slot 05: 905010B7

This would be the 3COM network card. SRM is only going to know about "real" DEC Tulip boards for network booting.

    Bus 00  Slot 11: CMD PCI0646 IDE

This should be the DQA0 CDROM device. I suspect it may have to be a CDROM device that could present 512 byte sectors. I don't remember if I ever tried booting with the CDROM (now a DVD drive) on my PC164, so I don't know if the SRM is smart enough to deal with the 2048 byte blocks.

So I'd say the Ethernet _does_ show up in "show config", just not in a
very useful form (presumably because SRM doesn't know the 3c905).


cmdide0: primary channel interrupting at isa irq 14
cmdide0: secondary channel interrupting at isa irq 15

which seem a little odd (a PCI device interrupting at an ISA IRQ?), but
presumably when everything's in one big ASIC you get things like that.

There's some mention about this in the source (but not much more), and even the ES40 does that. I do have problems attempting to use the DVD drive on the ES40 under NetBSD (gets ata timeouts), but the DVD drive in my PC164 works quite well.

The SRM shows an optical device, and it should show up on the 'show device' command. It also should show as cd0: during autoconfigure.


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