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Re: successful boot report

>> The CD drive didn't work in the sense that I couldn't figure out how
>> to boot from it; [...]
> If the CDROM is scsi,

No; both of the CD drives (actually, I think one might have been a DVD
drive) were IDE (or ATAPI, or whatever it's properly called).  Asking
the console to "show dev" listed only two devices (DVA0 and PKA0, I
think they were), but only the same two devices even when I had no
CD/DVD drive at all connected.

> Another option for future reference is to set up a MOP (maint
> operation) boot for VMS or *NIX.

Possibly.  Good point; I'd forgotten about netbooting.

DVA0 might be the network; I tried booting from it, and, whatever it
was, the console said it couldn't open it.  But of course that could
just mean no MOP server responded; it did take long enough that it's
reasonable it was a network no-response timeout.  I think I have some
kind of MOP setup at least partially set up, because at one point I had
a MicroVAX-II running diskless, and I think the only network boot its
ROMs are capable of is MOP.  I do see a /tftpboot/mop containing a
bunch of .SYS files with MAC-address names.  I don't see any mopd
running now, though, so I probably didn't leave it set to start at boot
on the server.

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