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Re: successful boot report

> Well done!

Thank you!  But, really, I can't claim much credit; the only difficult
part was getting NetBSD on the machine, and even that wasn't very hard.
The CD drive didn't work in the sense that I couldn't figure out how to
boot from it; I swapped in another drive I had handy and had the same
problem.  I put a second disk on my PWS 600au and installed onto it,
then moved it to the A10, and it all Just Worked.

> There was two versions of the 164, the LX and SX if memory serves.
> Only one of them was 'complete' enough to run VMS/Tru64, the other
> was WinNT and Linux only.

Well, this one calls itself an LX, and in the console, the os_type
parameter claims to support VMS and Unix (and one other which I don't
remember in detail but I do remember thinking, wait, how does that
differ from the "Unix" choice?).  And it does indeed run NetBSD.  So I
suspect the LX is the `complete' one.

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