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Re: successful boot report

Well done!

There was two versions of the 164, the LX and SX if memory serves. Only one of them was 'complete' enough to run VMS/Tru64, the other was WinNT and Linux only.

On Sun, 3 Jul 2011, der Mouse wrote:

I was recently given an Alpha which, according to the box, is a
"SmartAlpha Server A10".  The console reports it as a "Digital AlphaPC

I spent a little while poking around the port-alpha supported hardware
pages trying to figure out whether this was supported; I never did find
anything I recognized as representing it.  But I tried it anyway, and
it runs fine.  NetBSD says it's a "Digital AlphaPC 164LX 533 MHz, s/n",
so clearly _something_ recognizes it (though the odd trailing "s/n"
makes me suspect there's a serial-number field somewhere which isn't
working).  Comparing this against the list of CPU support options in
the kernel config makes me think it's one of the EB164 systems.

Perhaps it could help reassure future users if the supported-hardware
list listed it in a more recognizable way?

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