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Re: c-icap-modules not available anymore on pkgin command


My apologies for using incorrect terminology. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole pkgsrc ecosystem.
Your corrections give better insight already, thank you for that.

Although your first statement does confuse me a bit: how can a pkgsrc fork (in this case the Joyent fork) have something that pkgsrc itself does not have? I was under the presumption - maybe partly based on logical deduction - that any fork is likely to have only a subset of packages available on the pkgsrc base, but not/never the other way around.



On 22/01/2020 16.52, Greg Troxel wrote:
Andries Annema <> writes:

Yeah, I have been doing some testing with Percona 8 from pkgsrc by now
as well, and modified my scripts - which ease my deployments big time
such, that I can easily choose pkgsrc/Percona or
omniosce/MariaDB. Turned a hiccup into an improvement. Awesome. ;-)
Please be careful of your terminology.  pkgsrc does not have percona,
but the joyent fork of pkgsrc does.

Regarding the other matters in this thread however, I see that
'c-icap', 'c-icap-modules' and 'clamav' are still available on the
*Joyent pkgsrc builds*, but '*squid*' and '*squid-clamav*' are gone
since the 2019Q3 release. I am using these altogether in multiple
setups and am planning on more deployments still.
Can anyone (Jonathan maybe?) point out if there is any hope on these
packages coming back to the repo or am I really the only one using
these from here and am I better of getting them elsewhere?
Presumably you mean "joyent builds of the joyent pkgsrc fork".

(I don't mean to criticize or object to what joyent is doing, but
talking about it as if it *is* exactly pkgsrc is certainly going to
confuse people.)

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