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c-icap-modules not available anymore on pkgin command

Hi all,

My first posting on this list. Not sure if subscibed to the proper list, but it's a start.

I'm using "pkgsrc on Illumos", more specifically on OmniOSce. Until recently I have been able to install Squid together with SquidClamAV and c-icap to integrate Squid with ClamAV. Deployed it multiple times, but all of a sudden the "c-icap-modules" package seems to have been removed from the repo, which derails the whole process.

Confusing thing here is that "c-icap-modules" is indeed still listed when browsing the list online (here:, but it is not being reported when from the command line on my Omni-box I run "pkgin search icap"; the only packages that are then listed are "squidclamav" and "c-icap".

Am I missing something or has the package actually been disabled/removed or something?
If the latter, could someone please re-enable it somehow?

Any insights are appreciated.
Thank you.


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