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Re: c-icap-modules not available anymore on pkgin command

* On 2019-10-31 at 16:25 GMT, Andries Annema wrote:

> I'm using "pkgsrc on Illumos", more specifically on OmniOSce. Until recently
> I have been able to install Squid together with SquidClamAV and c-icap to
> integrate Squid with ClamAV. Deployed it multiple times, but all of a sudden
> the "c-icap-modules" package seems to have been removed from the repo, which
> derails the whole process.
> Confusing thing here is that "c-icap-modules" is indeed still listed when
> browsing the list online (here:, but it
> is not being reported when from the command line on my Omni-box I run "pkgin
> search icap"; the only packages that are then listed are "squidclamav" and
> "c-icap".
> Am I missing something or has the package actually been disabled/removed or
> something?
> If the latter, could someone please re-enable it somehow?

Hi Andries, thanks for using our packages.

While we attempt to build everything in pkgsrc, often there are many
packages that do not build.  We publish bulk build reports that show
the current status, and assuming you are using our trunk package set
then for example the most recent one is here:

In that report you can see that www/c-icap-modules is currently broken
due to clamav, which itself is broken since the recent upgrade shown

As it happens I fixed the clamav issue today here:

and there is currently an updated build running that should pull in
this fix, and publish both clamav and c-icap-modules.

I will add c-icap-modules to the list of required packages, so that in
the future if that package is unavailable the publishing step will not
be executed, and so while the repository will be older than what's
available, it will at least have all the packages you need.

Please let me know if there are any other packages you require and we
can add them to the list.

Many thanks,

Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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