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Re: c-icap-modules not available anymore on pkgin command

On 13/01/2020 21.14, J. Lewis Muir wrote:
On 01/13, Andries Annema wrote:
Oh, that's interesting. This is the first time I ever heard of 'Percona'. I
am looking into that fork now.
However, I can hardly believe 'Mariadb' is not used anymore. Maybe not from
the Joyent-pkgsrc builds, but from the pkgsrc-repo in general..?
MariaDB is of course still used extensively.  In my use case, MariaDB
binary packages are available via Yum, the native binary package
management system of RHEL 7.  Binary packages are also available from
MariaDB itself, and MariaDB actually recommends using the packages they

So, it seemed best to me to install from MariaDB's Yum repo.

Interesting. I wasn't aware of MariaDB hosting repo's themselves. For OmniOSce/Illumos though, there is no binary package available on MariaDB's own repo's. But by now, I have been able to switch to builds provided by OmniOSce itself, on one of their secondary repos.
The reason I went for pkgsrc to begin with, was that I reckoned that this repo would provide more packages and be more future-proof. Now it turns out, this is not necessarily true.

However, I agree that it's a little surprising that no one seems to be
using MariaDB packages from pkgsrc.

For me, as an OmniOSce user, there's also the option of migrating to their
'extra' repo for 'mariadb', but I guessed 'pkgsrc' as a repo would be more
future proof. I may have been mistaken. Unless 'Percona' is a proper drop-in
replacement. Thanks for that pointer.
I've never used it, but it claims to be a drop-in replacement for MySQL
on its website

where it says:

  Percona Server for MySQL(r) is a free, fully compatible, enhanced and
  open source drop-in replacement for any MySQL database.  It provides
  superior performance, scalability and instrumentation.


Yeah, I have been doing some testing with Percona 8 from pkgsrc by now as well, and modified my scripts - which ease my deployments big time - such, that I can easily choose pkgsrc/Percona or omniosce/MariaDB. Turned a hiccup into an improvement. Awesome. ;-)

Regarding the other matters in this thread however, I see that 'c-icap', 'c-icap-modules' and 'clamav' are still available on the Joyent pkgsrc builds, but 'squid' and 'squid-clamav' are gone since the 2019Q3 release. I am using these altogether in multiple setups and am planning on more deployments still.
Can anyone (Jonathan maybe?) point out if there is any hope on these packages coming back to the repo or am I really the only one using these from here and am I better of getting them elsewhere?

Building for pkgsrc myself does not look like a walk in the park, judging by the "developers guide"-section on, so I don't see myself picking up that glove on a short term.
Compiling just for my own deployments, directly on OmniOSce and publishing it onto a self-hosted Omni-repo, is a route I am slightly more familiar with.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.


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