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Re: c-icap-modules not available anymore on pkgin command

* On 2020-01-21 at 19:57 GMT, Andries Annema wrote:

> The reason I went for pkgsrc to begin with, was that I reckoned that
> this repo would provide more packages and be more future-proof. Now
> it turns out, this is not necessarily true.

We provide more packages, and generally they are kept regularly

We're able to do this thanks to pkgsrc being cross platform, so the
pool of volunteers comes from a number of different operating systems,
and is thus larger than it would have been if pkgsrc was only for a
single OS.

This does mean though that sometimes an update will only have been
tested on one or two platforms, and may now stop working on another.

Some maintainers are better than others at looking at bulk build
reports and ensuring any changes they have made have not caused
regressions on other platforms, but ultimately we are reliant on
volunteers to ensure that packages continue to build.

As a user, your choices are to get involved in pkgsrc development and
help out with any packages that you are interested in (this is easier
than you might think), or simply to keep using an older repository
where the packages you need are available, if a bit older.

> Regarding the other matters in this thread however, I see that 'c-icap',
> 'c-icap-modules' and 'clamav' are still available on the *Joyent pkgsrc
> builds*, but '*squid*' and '*squid-clamav*' are gone since the 2019Q3
> release. I am using these altogether in multiple setups and am planning on
> more deployments still.
> Can anyone (Jonathan maybe?) point out if there is any hope on these
> packages coming back to the repo or am I really the only one using these
> from here and am I better of getting them elsewhere?

If I get some time I'll take a look at them, but for many years I've
been trying to encourage others to get involved as relying on only a
couple of people to keep things working indefinitely doesn't scale.

> Building for pkgsrc myself does not look like a walk in the park, judging by
> the "developers guide"-section on, so I
> don't see myself picking up that glove on a short term.
> Compiling just for my own deployments, directly on OmniOSce and publishing
> it onto a self-hosted Omni-repo, is a route I am slightly more familiar
> with.

Yeh sorry, the official docs are pretty terrible from a new user
perspective, especially if they aren't running NetBSD.  I've spent a
long time setting up better build environments for illumos
distributions, you can find my docs here, for example:

These are primarily for SmartOS where you can use the "pkgbuild" image
that is pre-installed with everything you need, but you should be able
to do the manual setup on OmniOS-based systems.  If not let me know.


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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