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Re: Problems building pkgin on NetBSD 7/8

Mike Pumford <> writes:

> libfetch is a direct dependency of pkgin but its also a dependency of
> pkg_install. Because of the way pkgsrc builds the dependencies
> the build order is:
> libfetch
> pkg_install
> openssl
> pkgin

but libfetch is only before openssl because its build logic does not say
it depends on the package.    I think that question is the root cause.

> The openssl conflict was also the reason why my cmake build was
> failing to find heimdal. I'm guessing again because the system heimdal
> libraries were built against the base openssl. As you say either we
> have to accept 8.x as having a good enough SSL and apply that
> universally or we have to make everything pkgsrc use pkgsrc
> openssl. Same applies to 7.x.

I think that's basically right.

> I'm not sure having SSL as a non-default option in libfetch makes any
> sense any more in the days of SSL everywhere.

It might be somewhat about how you download the openssl sources.  I am
really not clear on the overall plan here; it's a twisty maze and easy
to break.

> Especially given that
> the current config effectively forces SSL on if builtin openssl is
> used.

I see it as the current code adds ssl support via the base system if
that is present, giving you ssl support when it doesn't add a

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