Index of netbsd-bugs for January, 2002

Martin Husemann pkg/15106: x11/gtk does not build on ports without libXi
Eric Gillespie, Jr. pkg/15107: Binary stripping fixes for many packages pkg/15108: update xerces to 1.4.4
Anders Hjalmarsson pkg/15111: build of devel/libsigc++ has problems
Lloyd Parkes pkg/15110: fix for pkgsrc/graphics/giram port-sparc64/15112: ntpd dies with SIGBUS signal
jschauma@cs.stevens- pkg/15113: mutt-1.3.25i package created
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/15114: for the graphics/aalib library
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/15115: a patch for the devel/SDL library to add support for the graphics/aa
Matthias Buelow port-i386/15116: (1.5) vr0: receive error: unknown rx error kern/15117: igmp v2 router alert kernel bug
Erik E. Fair kern/15118: FireWire LP64 bug
Erik E. Fair port-alpha/15119: assembler warning for PC164LX kernel compile
Matthias Scheler pkg/15120: Build of "kdelibs2" package incomplete
Paul Kranenburg toolchain/15122: system make(1) performance Sucks
Paul Kranenburg Re: toolchain/15122: system make(1) performance Sucks
Jonathan Perkin pkg/15124: [PATCH] Upgrade for www/skipstone pkgsrc
Martin Weber misc/15125: The manpage of file(1) presents linuxisms
Manuel Bouyer Re: kern/14993: trying to change the media of a running tl interface causes a p
thorpej@shagadelic.o toolchain/15126: cross-gdb (i386 -> mipsel) does not build from src/tools pkg/15128: pkgsrc/lang/guile is too interactive
gabriel rosenkoetter Re: pkg/15128: pkgsrc/lang/guile is too interactive
Urban Boquist Re: pkg/15128: pkgsrc/lang/guile is too interactive xsrc/15129: request for pullup of radeon_driver.c xfree version
gabriel rosenkoetter Re: pkg/15128: pkgsrc/lang/guile is too interactive pkg/15131: New Package : security/py-cryptkit
Dan McMahill pkg/15134: expat conflicts with apache
01/04/2002 kern/15130: support for ericsson wavelan card (wi0)
Lennart Augustsson misc/15132: requires named in /etc/{passwd,group}
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/15133: a patch for the graphics/mplayer to compile with the graphics/aalib
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/15135: new package - graphics/aview - an ascii art image viewer
The Grey Wolf lib/15136: NIS passwd compat mode does not play nice with identd pkg/15138: pkgsrc/security/pgp5 does not build in NetBSD-current (i386 only)
Matthias Scheler toolchain/15139: toolchain builds fails in "src/tools/config" port-sgimips/15140: TLB miss in kernel mode
David Querbach pkg/15141: Leading underscores trimmed by bfd-crunchide bin/15142: cron doesn't use login.conf process limits. pkg/15144: New Package : net/py-IP pkg/15145: New Package : textproc/py-HappyDoc
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/15147: maintainer update of the chat/silc-client package to version 0.7.2 pkg/15148: pkgsrc/x11/xfreecell does not build port-sparc64/15150: assertion failure in sparc64 ld.elf_so
01/06/2002 pkg/15149: [security] cyrus-sasl in packages has format string bug pkg/15152: php4-gd pkg/15153: New Package : devel/py-Checker
Ben Wong pkg/15154: jpilot man page should refer to html manual
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni kern/15155: Playing audio cd-roms witch scsi drives doesn't work on big-endian(
Greg A. Woods pkg/15157: SUBMISSION: net/sdig - Switch Digger finds port assignments for a cl
gabriel rosenkoetter Re: Old PRs pkg/15158: squirrelmail calls out php-4.0.X, while www/php is 4.1.1
James K. Lowden pkg/15159: librep build breaks on gdbm
01/07/2002 port-alpha/15156: gcc 2.95.3 with -O2 generates bad newfs(8) binary
Petri Tapio Koistinen Old PRs pkg/15160: editors/vim not building on mac68k
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni pkg/15161: galeon-1.02 doesn't build on /386-current
Paul Kranenburg bin/15163: make(1) looks for angle-bracket include files in unsuspected places
Paul Kranenburg bin/15164: sub-optimal handling of .PHONY targets in make(1)
Manuel Bouyer Re: pkg/15158: squirrelmail calls out php-4.0.X, while www/php is 4.1.1
Paul Kranenburg Re: toolchain/15122: system make(1) performance Sucks kern/15165: yds not configured when rebooting from Win2K pkg/15166: New Package : chinese/py-zhCodecs [New Category]
Paul Kranenburg bin/15167: make(1) needlessly tries to resolve dependencies on system object fi
Eric Schnoebelen Re: pkg/15158: squirrelmail calls out php-4.0.X, while www/php is 4.1.1
Manuel Bouyer Re: pkg/15158: squirrelmail calls out php-4.0.X, while www/php is 4.1.1 pkg/15168: gnupg alignment errors on sparc64
Greg A. Woods Re: pkg/14815: two files apparently missing when installing mozilla-0.9.6
Greg A. Woods Re: bin/7017: portmap can lose log entries if process table is exhausted bin/15174: gdb "kill" command does not free sockets
Mason Loring Bliss lib/15169: Reproducable DNS / NIS failure
01/08/2002 pkg/15184: tct dependency on devel/p5-Date-Manip is missing
Hume Smith pkg/15183: new netpbm pkg
Jonathan Perkin pkg/15180: [PATCH] pkgsrc/games/quake/distinfo is out of sync kern/15182: le 'device timeout' as guest OS under VMware
Paul Kranenburg bin/15178: make(1) looks for `.include' files in wrong places
stolz@i2.informatik. bin/15181: [PATCH] showmount can't handle long output
Paul Kranenburg bin/15179: make(1) no longer uses its file caches effectively
g r kern/15175: bootstrapping of makefs fails
Hume Smith pkg/15170: trouble with kdebase-2.2.2
Hume Smith pkg/15171: possible problem with openldap pkgsrc
Hume Smith pkg/15172: tiny fix for KDE
Hume Smith pkg/15173: am i the only one with this?
lloyd@must-have-coff toolchain/15185: installboot needs to be in the toolchain bin/15187: dd mishandles read errors
01/09/2002 kern/15190: panic: disk_unbusy toolchain/15191: kernel library build scheme shouldn't use admin/15192: mail-index search is broken admin/15193: mail-index has no threading or navigation lib/15194: tcgetattr(3) clarification pkg/15195: Ruby-fox fails to build
kpolk@darwin.sfbr.or pkg/15196:
01/10/2002 bin/15197: passwd/yppasswd problems (with Kerberos)
Christian Groessler kern/15199: accessing non-DOS diskette formats
Antti Kantee port-sparc64/15200: sparc64 savecore makes kernel panic at pciide_dma_init()
Manuel Bouyer Re: port-sparc64/15200: sparc64 savecore makes kernel panic at pciide_dma_init(
Aaron J. Grier pkg/15201: pkgsrc/devel/boehm-gc fails compilation under netbsd-1-4
Antti Kantee port-sparc64/15202: sparc64 can't handle large file transfers pkg/15203: [Non-Maintainer] Upgrade available of www/p5-HTML-Table
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/15206: net/stripes installed to /usr/pkg
Rhialto pkg/15207: our (n)curses misses functionality for mutt toolchain/15208: Internal gcc error in fatal_insn compiling xphoon.c with -O2 pkg/15209: xphoon needs to be linked with "-lcompat"
schmonz+netbsd@schmo pkg/15210: New package: chat/p5-Net-AOLIM
kazuhiko_takai@anet. kern/15211: swapping of KS_Cmd1 in SWAPCTRLCAPS layout does not work
Daniel Senderowicz port-pmax/15212: xsane exits with a segmentation fault
Phil Budne kern/15213: add support for wscons/vga screenblank ioctl's pkg/15216: building japanese/freewnn-server fails
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/15217: net/pload use /usr/X11R6 in xpkgwedge environment.
Masao Uebayashi Re: pkg/15216: building japanese/freewnn-server fails
Shin'ichiro TAYA Re: pkg/15216: building japanese/freewnn-server fails admin/15218: tar(1) manpage does not mention several supported options pkg/15220: Upgrade available of net/p5-Net-SNMP pkg/15221: Non-maintainer upgrade of www/p5-CGI-Application
Eric Gillespie, Jr. pkg/15222: New package: www/neon
Eric Gillespie, Jr. pkg/15223: Update www/cadaver and use neon package (depends on pkg/15222) pkg/15224: Non-maintainer upgrade of lang/clisp pkg/15225: Non-maintainer upgrade of devel/p5-Params-Validate pkg/15226: Upgrade available of devel/p5-Term-ReadKey
Greg A. Woods pkg/15228: info files in various packages now REQUIRE info from gtexinfo-4.0 standards/15231: sed doesn't accept empty commands separated by semicolons
Manuel Bouyer port-sun3/15240: gdb fails to compile
Martin Weber misc/15219: mdoc.samples(7) is wrong about .Os w/o arguments port-sparc64/15229: NFS write fail on Sun BLADE 100
Greg A. Woods Re: pkg/15228: info files in various packages now REQUIRE info from gtexinfo-4.
lorin.grandmaison@li port-hp300/15230: Starting BSD Installation from BASIC/HPUX
Erik E. Fair Re: Old PRs kern/15232: ffs_sync writes out read-only pages to disk
der Mouse bin/15233: [dM] make: .if broken inside .for toolchain/15234: tools has dependency upon makeinfo when building toolchain/gcc bin/15235: init's mount_mfs call fails to reserve sufficient inodes bin/15236: init will only create an mfs /dev on an msdos root filesystem
thorpej@shagadelic.o lib/15237: Need internal names for fp{get,set}{mask,sticky}() pkg/15238: new package -- comms/conserver Re: lib/15239: open(2) duplicated
01/14/2002 lib/15239: open(2) duplicated
Simon Burge Re: lib/15239: open(2) duplicated
john heasley Re: lib/15239: open(2) duplicated pkg/15242: Update gqmpeg to 0.12.0 pkg/15244: ucd-snmp-current does not build on NetBSD/i386 1.5.2
schmonz+netbsd@schmo pkg/15246: Non-maintainer update: mail/maildrop
Daniel Senderowicz pkg/15247: xsane-0.80 exits with a segmentation fault
jgoerzen@complete.or lib/15248: crtbegin.c doesn't compile
01/15/2002 pkg/15250: Please add new locale dir 'zh_TW' in mk/NetBSD.x11.dist
Greg A. Woods bin/15251: /dev/dty?? devices, using puc driver, do not work properly with 'cu' bin/15253: man -k weirdness
Lord Lundman kern/15255: Added crypt to CCD
Greg A. Woods bin/15256: ksh on sparc dumps core sometimes when SIGWINCH arrives unexpectedly
jgoerzen@complete.or kern/15257: lfs_cleanerd spews weird errors port-i386/15261: patches to if_sip.c for SiS 635/735 support
glenn@squirrel-net.c port-i386/15260: emuxki change-request bin/15262: mount -u and mount -o update take different actions
Paul Kranenburg toolchain/15263: make(1) is willing to pick up .depend from too many locations
Paul Kranenburg make(1): inconsistencies involving MAKEFLAGS inheritence.
M.Drochner@fz-juelic lib/15265: fsetpos() silently truncates file offsets to "long"
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/15266: new package - aalib-x11 (aalib with X11 support)
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/15267: new package - aview-x11 (aview with X11 support)
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/15268: patch for graphics/aalib to remove X11 support
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/15269: patch for graphics/aview package to remove X11 support
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/15270: patch for graphics/mplayer to exchange aalib for aalib-x11
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/15271: patch for devel/SDL to exchange aalib for aalib-x11 toolchain/15272: sparc64 -m32 compiler cannot handle 64-bit constants kern/16298: PCIVERBOUS
01/17/2002 pkg/15274: Japanese message support patch for shells/tcsh pkg/15278: Upgrade available of editors/nano pkg/15279: Samba 2.2.2 rc.d scripts respond $nmbd and $smbd
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/15280: maintainer update of the chat/silc-server package to version 0.7.5
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/15277: editors/nedit build fail with xpkgwedge installation misc/15281: add FM to acronyms pkg/15283: Update audio/xmp to 2.0.4
jgoerzen@complete.or pkg/15285: New package: gopher 3.0.2, "l kern/15286: fdisk won't let you update the mbr_bootsel code
schmonz+netbsd@schmo pkg/15287: New package: chat/p5-Net-AIM pkg/15288: Package MySQL-server renices itself pkg/15294: Upgrade available of devel/p5-Expect
01/19/2002 port-macppc/15290: (1.5.2) mesh.c timeout port-i386/15295: pbr boot code should load boot from same partition it was load port-i386/15296: kernel ignores partition number when finding disklabel
g r pkg/15297: net/arpd ignores BSD_PKG_MK
Kimmo Suominen pkg/15298: manual page install fails for ppp-mppe
Johnny Lam Re: pkg/15297: net/arpd ignores BSD_PKG_MK port-macppc/15299: filling memfs crashes system port-macppc/15300: No German (de) keymap support for macppc pkg/15301: Installation of mozilla 0.97 dumps core. port-arm32/15303: Crosscompiling Alpha->arm32 fails due to LP64 -> LP32 trouble
mcr@sandelman.ottawa kern/15305: sendmail causes 1.5.3_ALPHA to crash
01/20/2002 toolchain/15304: ' -u' fails at manual installation when MANZ=yes xsrc/15306: X server crashes with X-TT (libfb bug?) bin/15307: panic in sys/dev/ic/wdc.c
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/15308: initial QMAILDIR patch for packages using/supporting qmail to correc
David Rankin pkg/15311: Mistake in pkgsrc/news/trn/Makefile
Erik E. Fair port-sun3/15312: GENERIC3X config should have makeoptions CFLAG= -m68030 added
Mike Pumford port-acorn32/15313: CMOS Clock writing broken on RiscPC.
Mike Pumford port-acorn32/15314: Printing time to message buffer is pointless. pkg/15315: first olwm cmdtool gets dud tty
anne@alcor.concordia pkg/15322: circular dependency in pkg quanta-docs
01/21/2002 lib/15316: regress failure in lib/libc/sys/ttyio kern/15317: regress failure in sys/arch/i386/ldt pkg/15318: misc/libdvdread doesn't support pkg/15319: graphics/mplayer can support misc/libdvdread, but package doesn't pkg/15320: graphics/mplayer fails to build if /tmp is mounted 'noexec' pkg/15321: graphics/mplayer attempts to use Linux device names by default
Todd Vierling Re: toolchain/15264: make(1): inconsistencies involving MAKEFLAGS pkg/15324: devel/p5-Test-Harness - patchsum not match pkg/15325: Upgrade available of devel/p5-Test-Simple
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/15326: patch for mail/qmail, including rc startup script kern/15327: getrusage(2) not reporting all statistics pkg/15329: Update net/p5-Net-IRC to 0.73 pkg/15330: Update textproc/source-highlight to 1.2.1
01/22/2002 kern/15328: wiconfig -D doesn't work if interface isn't up
Hubert Feyrer port-i386/15331: 1.5.3_ALPHA: panic: wdc_atapi_intr: bad state port-mac68k/15332: AppleVision 1710 panics kernel on adb probe at boot
Paul Kranenburg Re: toolchain/15264: make(1): inconsistencies involving MAKEFLAGS inheritence. port-m68k/15334: Linux-m68k binary compatibility is broken kern/15339: "panic: pool_get: mbpl: page empty" when memory scarce
01/23/2002 pkg/15337: Add a option to fonts/arphicttf pkg/15338: Update fonts/mkttfdir to 1.2
Matthias Scheler bin/15340: ssh X11 forwarding is broken
Nicolas.Ollinger@ens xsrc/15341: XF4.2.0 w/ Neomagic 128XD hangs display
briggs@ninthwonder.c pkg/15342: There is a new version of p5-CGI pkg/15343: Build of www/w3 fails when USE_XEMACS is on. kern/15344: Dectection problem with the USB Ethernet KLSI Driver bin/15345: MD5-hash password pullup broke 1-5-branch build pkg/15347: comms/qpage is marked SunOS only?!? pkg/15351: Upgrade available of sysutils/p5-Unix-Syslog
Ray Phillips port-alpha/15348: kernfs error message during booting. misc/15349: INSTALL.txt wrongly formatted (legalease section) port-arm32/15353: netbsd/dnard kernel stops during bootup admin/15354: Upgrade available of security/p5-Crypt-CBC bin/15355: ypbind prevents disk idle spindown
Greg A. Woods xsrc/15357: stack trashing bug crashing the sparc Xservers
seebs kern/15359: Extending intellimouse support to 5-button mice
Greg A. Woods pkg/15358: SUBMISSION: new pkgsrc module for security/ssh2-3.1.0
frodef@stud.cs.uit.n kern/15360: NetBSD emits erroneous IPv6 neighbor solicitation packet.
Ingolf Steinbach pkg/15361: tkcvs-7.0.3 (bugfix release) available pkg/15362: cvsup requires COMPAT_43
kuebart@mathematik.u misc/15363: ISO 8859-15 locale does not mark uppercase Y diaeresis as UPPER
Tomas Svensson kern/15364: panic: softdep_pageiodone
Paul Shupak kern/15366: Many referernces to `OCHI' should probably be to `OHCI'
Paul Shupak kern/15367: One iof the Vendor listigs in pcidevs is incorrect
Paul Shupak kern/15368: pcidev errors/ommissions showup in pcictl pkg/15369: editors/xemacs-packages needs an update.
Paul Shupak kern/15370: Add support for board w/ other Oxford Semi. PUCs
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni kern/15365: "pseudo-device clockctl" missing in GENERIC config files
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/15373: maintainer update of the chat/silc-server package to version 0.7.6 pkg/15375: pkgtools/pkg_chk uses make update even when installing stuff first t
Joachim Kuebart bin/15376: isdnd crashes when reading isdnd.rc with ppp-send-* settings
Manuel Bouyer port-i386/15377: pmap_page_remove: mapped page has invalid pv_ptp field
Kimmo Suominen pkg/15379: phpymadmin configuration not preserved
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/15380: maintainer update of the chat/silc-client package to version 0.7.3
Manuel Bouyer Re: port-i386/15377: pmap_page_remove: mapped page has invalid pv_ptp field pkg/15382: Endianess fixes for splay install/15384: Problem Installing on Intel ISP 2150G (440GX + AIC7XXX)
Manuel Bouyer Re: install/15384: Problem Installing on Intel ISP 2150G (440GX + AIC7XXX)
James K. Lowden pkg/15385: sqsh install breaks trying to install man pages
01/27/2002 toolchain/15386: crosscompile breaks due to missing #include "errno.h" toolchain/15387: strip(1) -d doesn't work port-alpha/15388: OHCI scheduling errors very noisy on alpha port-sparc/15391: Softdep doesnpt work on SparcStation5 port-sparc/15392: wscons not completely implemented/docmented on Sparc pkg/15393: Submit new package 'gentoo' in x11 catagory
o.vd.linden@quicknet port-i386/15394: null pointer reference in emuxki causes a kernel crash pkg/15395: show-vulnerabilities confuses package names with common p pkg/15396: kermit fails to build on Darwin
thorpej@shagadelic.o kern/15397: regress/sys/fs/mkdir fails pkg/15398: courier-authldap does not failover to authpwd
Christos Zoulas Re: kern/15397: regress/sys/fs/mkdir fails
Jason R Thorpe Re: kern/15397: regress/sys/fs/mkdir fails
01/28/2002 kern/15390: uhidev without uhid causes kernel panic port-i386/15399: kernel doesn't build (apmcall.s)
Duncan McEwan install/15400: sysinst sometimes dumps core in curses routine standards/15401: xargs(1) manpage misleadingly lists -I in options
nir.mor@netcognize.c pkg/15403: Prepered anjuta-0.1.8 C/C++/GTK/GNOME IDE package, how should i subm
Martin Husemann xsrc/15404: XFree 4.2 and nv driver crashes randomly
Andreas Gustafsson toolchain/15405: g++ internal error
jwoodall@e-fussion.n misc/15406: wscons request for screen-specific color/text assignment feature fo
mkb@informatik.uni-w pkg/15407: upgrade pkgsrc/www/thttpd to 2.20c pkg/15408: New package : textproc/p5-XML-NamespaceSupport
thorpej@shagadelic.o toolchain/15411: toolchain2netbsd must be run on target
01/29/2002 xsrc/15410: XF86-4.2(MatroxG450) crashes & display hangs
Duncan McEwan bin/15412: join doesn't deal with '-e' option properly
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/15416: maintainer update of chat/silc-server to version 0.7.8 Re: bin/15415: ftp(1) would fail to fetch using HTTP.
Christos Zoulas Re: kern/15397: regress/sys/fs/mkdir fails pkg/15417: Build ap-php4 w/Apache 2.0.28 & PHP 4.1.1 port-sparc/15418: Error messages scramble X background bin/15419: $ ftp broken pkg/15420: Path to icons is not set correctly
Chris Jepeway kern/15421: vnode VOP_()erations handle SAVESTART inconsistently bin/15425: "make clean" in distrib/i386/floppies/kernel-rescure fails to get ev
Takahiro Kambe bin/15415: ftp(1) would fail to fetch using HTTP.
Takahiro Kambe Re: bin/15415: ftp(1) would fail to fetch using HTTP. kern/15422: manpage of mi_switch(9) says that mi_switch has no args.
SUNAGAWA Keiki Re: pkg/12904 Re: bin/15415: ftp(1) would fail to fetch using HTTP. xsrc/15423: Fix the locale problem in XFree 4.2.0 xsrc/15424: zh_CN locale broken in XFree86 4.2.0
Takahiro Kambe Re: bin/15415: ftp(1) would fail to fetch using HTTP.
Chris Richards pkg/15427: Non-maintainer update of lang/sml-nj to version 110.38
Sebastien.Erard@nagr kern/15430: Master and slave does not work on Promise Ultra100/TX2 primary chan
Greg A. Woods Re: xsrc/15357: stack trashing bug crashing the sparc Xservers xsrc/15443: XFree86 3.3.6 does not compile
ura@hiru.aoba.yokoha kern/15431: support varriable rate and resume/suspend in auich driver pkg/15435: Update gqmpeg to 0.12.1 pkg/15436: Package update: Mlterm 0.2.2 (x11/mlterm) port-macppc/15438: # wsconsctl -w encoding=jp gets WSKBDIO_SETENCODING: Invalid kern/15441: uaudio mixer devices are not recognized by ossaudio(3) kern/15442: audio(4) manpage fixes.
Jaromir Dolecek pkg/15444: ruby, python readline glue pkgs inconsistently placed
Jaromir Dolecek pkg/15445: there should be perl Term::ReadLine::GNU pkg
wojtek@chylonia.3mia kern/15448: com at isa can't cope well >230kbps bin/15449: fsck_ffs FS_42POSTBLFMT compatibility bug pkg/15450: new package for neXtaw