Index of netbsd-bugs for November, 2000

charlie@rubberduck.c misc/11355: 'w' coredumps
sugimoto@sums.shiga- port-hpcmips/11356: Keyboard dies after date command on Telios HC-AJ1 kern/11357: Patch for corega FEther PCC-TXF pcmcia LAN card pkg/11358: mutt doesn't notice xterm size changes
Hubert Feyrer kern/11359: umass0: Get Max Lun failed: TIMEOUT w/ Toshiba PDR-M5 cam
Nick Cuccia pkg/11360: undefined '
Matthias Buelow bin/11361: apply pdksh-5.2.14 bugfix patch before 1.5 ships standards/11362: Add support for AFS
Matthias Buelow install/11363: small 1.5_BETA sysinst display problem
Jason Beegan pkg/11365: package submission for graphics/GMT-full
Jason Beegan pkg/11364: package submission for math/dfftpack
Jason Beegan pkg/11368: package submission for math/fftpack
Jason Beegan pkg/11367: package submission for math/quadpack
Jason Beegan pkg/11369: package submission for math/slatec
Jason Beegan pkg/11366: package submission for graphics/GMT-high
Jason Beegan pkg/11370: package submission for math/ranlib
Jason Beegan pkg/11373: package submission for misc/ascii
Jason Beegan pkg/11372: package submission for devel/f-s2d
Jason Beegan pkg/11375: package submission for editors/haskell-mode
Jason Beegan pkg/11371: package submission for devel/p5-ExtUtils-F77
Jason Beegan pkg/11377: package submission for biology/chemtool
Jason Beegan pkg/11376: package submission for shells/esh
Jason Beegan pkg/11378: package submission for lang/nhc98
Jason Beegan pkg/11374: package submission for math/odepack
Jason Beegan pkg/11380: package submission for math/mcsim
Jason Beegan pkg/11382: package submission for mail/vm
Jason Beegan pkg/11383: package submission for cad/xcircuit
Jason Beegan pkg/11379: package submission for graphics/plotmtv
Jason Beegan pkg/11384: package submission for math/blas
Jason Beegan pkg/11381: package submission for math/linpack
Jason Beegan pkg/11385: package submission for devel/cweb
Jason Beegan pkg/11390: package submission for math/minpack
Jason Beegan pkg/11387: package submission for www/w3
Jason Beegan pkg/11389: package submission for math/aribas
Jason Beegan pkg/11391: package submission for graphics/grap
Jason Beegan pkg/11392: package submission for math/otter
Jason Beegan pkg/11393: package submission for graphics/GMT
Jason Beegan pkg/11394: package submission for misc/proj
Jason Beegan pkg/11386: package submission for lang/cim
Jason Beegan pkg/11388: package submission for math/eispack
Jason Beegan pkg/11396: package submission for devel/ftnchek
Jason Beegan pkg/11395: package submission for math/plplot
Jason Beegan pkg/11399: package submission for lang/smalltalk
Jason Beegan pkg/11398: package submission for graphics/xzgv
Jason Beegan pkg/11397: package submission for editors/auctex
Jason Beegan pkg/11400: package submission for devel/HDF5
Jason Beegan pkg/11404: package submission for math/calc
Jason Beegan pkg/11401: package submission for lang/RScheme
Jason Beegan pkg/11403: package submission for cad/FElt
Jason Beegan pkg/11405: package submission for devel/libctl
Jason Beegan pkg/11402: package submission for math/gandalf
Andrew Brown kern/11406: make release fails, ramdisks no longer fit
Jason Beegan pkg/11407: Restrictive license on fasthenry
Jason Beegan pkg/11408: openssl and base64 conflict
Richard Earnshaw misc/11409: tfmtcheck regression test won't build on arm32
eramore@era-t.ericss kern/11410: cnw prints a lot of "spurious interrupt" pkg/11411: pkg mrtg needs Perl 5.06
Andrew Brown bin/11412: mount_ufs man page disappeared after mount was united kern/11413: SMC91C96 identification misc/11414: -d documented twice in traceroute man page kern/11415: PCMCIA kenel panic while controller 0 detecting irqs with mask 0xde kern/11416: Panic's on BETA with DIAGNOSTIC compiled in
IWAMOTO Toshihiro pkg/11418: net/bind9 build fails with pth
11/04/2000 port-i386/11419: Xircom Realport + DHCP failure
Michael van Elst Re: port-i386/11419: Xircom Realport + DHCP failure
wiz@danbala.tuwien.a port-macppc/11420: LCD screen goes black (or is dimmed) during boot kern/11421: 1.5BETA DEBUG build is broke kern/11422: ulpt crash with HP DeskJet 930C pkg/11423: pkg audio/id3ed update to v1.10.2
kre@munnari.OZ.AU install/11424: sysinst (i386) can umount wd0a (root) before unpacking sets
Julian Coleman kern/11425: CD drive does not play last track
Richard Earnshaw lib/11426: libintl not installed during clean bootstrap bin/11427: Problem with rcs tools / diff / libc
Ryutaroh Matsumoto kern/11428: umodem.c always issues optional Set_Comm_Feature. kern/11429: IPv6 UDP NFS may not work across routers + smaller MTU links
Lennart Augustsson port-i386/11432: microtime running backwards early in boot
Frederick Bruckman pkg/11433: "pkg_info -S" output is wrong bin/11434: unable to build /usr/libexec/rmail with NetBSD-release
Y. Takizawa port-macppc/11435: Open Firmware OS boot select support
wiz@danbala.tuwien.a install/11436: sysinst: ftp password not handled 'securely'
martti.kuparinen@piu pkg/11437: New package: fvwm2-beta
CHlor'as port-i386/11438: IBM ThinkPad 380Z
jmcneill@invisible.y pkg/11439: snes9x package
Onno van der Linden pkg/11440: Makefile fix for xglyph port-sh3/11441: sh3 kernel can't compile with SH4 and without SH4_PCMCIA
jmcneill@invisible.y pkg/11442: apsfilter package port-arc/11443: ARC port has no INSTALL document port-arc/11444: ARC port has no sysinst ramdisk kernel bin/11445: sshd does not regard 'PermitEmptyPasswords no'
11/08/2000 lib/11446: kvm.c's bug may produce core on many programs
maekawa@math.sci.kob bin/11447: cannot compile GNU grep.
Per Amund Amundsen pkg/11448: make run-depends-list in pkgsrc/mail/mutt creates infinite loop port-i386/11449: ne0: IBM InfoMover Ethernet works on 1.5 BETA(1&2) install ker kern/11450: ex0 PCMCIA times out under heavy loads and stops responding. kern/11451: unable to allocate space for Ethernet portion of USR Megahertz 33.6 pkg/11452: apache6 package mentions incorrect directories in DESCR pkg/11453: arpd package DESCR has incorrect directory reference
Andrew Brown bin/11454: getpwuid() does not work with cross-compiled /etc/pwd.db (spwd.db?)
Matthias Scheler pkg/11456: CRAM-MD5 authentification problem in "imap-uw" package
ferenc.kulcsar@rontg misc/11457: Hungarian keymap for wscons, with missing characters.
Olaf Seibert lib/11458: dlsym(3) returns the wrong symbols, ignoring handle
Jeremy C. Reed pkg/11460: add maintainer to pkgsrc README.html
Jeremy C. Reed pkg/11461: pkgsrc/net/vnc package has wrong vnc-latest_doc.tgz file
Jeremy C. Reed pkg/11462: A sentence in any package's README.html is missing a period
Greg A. Woods Re: security/11459: possible fix for remote DoS attack in BIND-8.2.2-P5
11/10/2000 Re: security/11459: possible fix for remote DoS attack in BIND-8.2.2-P5
Greg A. Woods) Re: security/11459: possible fix for remote DoS attack in BIND-8.2.2-P5 Re: security/11459: possible fix for remote DoS attack in BIND-8.2.2-P5
Greg A. Woods Re: security/11459: possible fix for remote DoS attack in BIND-8.2.2-P5 Re: security/11459: possible fix for remote DoS attack in BIND-8.2.2-P5 pkg/11463: audit-packages too strict about old vulnerability list lib/11464: libc won't do RPC packets for UDP larger than 8k total bin/11465: ntpdc -c loopinfo doesn't show negative time_const correctly on alph
jmcneill@invisible.y kern/11466: Missing Acer Labs Product ID in dev/pci/pcidevs
SAITOH Masanobu lib/11467: ps dumps core by kvm_proc.c's bug. kern/11468: fsck_lfs complains about wrong lfs_avail pkg/11469: random(4) patch for cyrus-sasl kern/11470: fsck_lfs doesn't check or fix bad dirty/clean LFS segment count
Charlie Root bin/11471: klist core dumps when kerberos is not setup
11/12/2000 kern/11472: LFS locked queue accounting not perfect
maekawa@math.sci.kob misc/11473: ramdisk-rescuesmall of main trunk is full.
Markus W Kilbinger misc/11474: greconfig in /usr/sbin, but /usr not in critical_filesystems_before
Markus W Kilbinger misc/11475: ifconfig greN without corresponding greconfig -> kernel panic
Andrew Brown Re: misc/11473: ramdisk-rescuesmall of main trunk is full. port-hpcmips/11477: only hpcmips panics with wireless network cards(wi)
Andrew Brown Re: misc/11473: ramdisk-rescuesmall of main trunk is full. pkg/11478: python pkg appears broken on a.out?
Simon Burge Re: misc/11473: ramdisk-rescuesmall of main trunk is full. Re: misc/11473: ramdisk-rescuesmall of main trunk is full.
Klaus Klein misc/11479: ses(4) manual page missing
pollen@astrakan.hig. bin/11480: ssh disconnects when forwarding remote ports
Andrew Brown Re: misc/11473: ramdisk-rescuesmall of main trunk is full. pkg/11481: package management utility
Andrew Brown Re: misc/11473: ramdisk-rescuesmall of main trunk is full.
Andrew Brown Re: misc/11473: ramdisk-rescuesmall of main trunk is full.
Philipp.Huber@tori.m pkg/11482: package for setiathome - linux version
jmcneill@invisible.y pkg/11483: Pentium GCC Package
petri.koistinen@iki. bin/11484: command "userdel -r" does not work.
briggs@ninthwonder.c pkg/11485: webalizer dependencies are sparse
John.P.Darrow@wheato misc/11486: 'make release' does an 'rm -rf $RELEASEDIR' with no way to override
C Kane kern/11487: tlp0: sorry, unable to handle your board
Simon Burge Re: misc/11473: ramdisk-rescuesmall of main trunk is full.
Simon Burge Re: misc/11473: ramdisk-rescuesmall of main trunk is full.
Simon Burge Re: misc/11473: ramdisk-rescuesmall of main trunk is full. lib/11488: gssapi.h includes header from wrong directory kern/11489: panic: "_simple_lock_held((&sched_lock)) == 0" failed
hf@Tangro.DE pkg/11490: package jdk conflicts
smb@pueblo.research. pkg/11491: ghostscript 6.01 won't compile on 1.4Z
Amitai Schlair pkg/11492: lib{glib,gtk} pkg submission
Lennart Augustsson kern/11493: softdep panic
smb@pueblo.research. pkg/11496: if-psprint won't install
Peter Seebach misc/11497: Typo in man page for gettytab
Peter Seebach port-i386/11498: APM can't sleep thinkpad system
Peter Seebach install/11499: sysinst (1.5ALPHA2) says something false kern/11500: Support Tekram DC315U/395* scsi adapters
petri.koistinen@iki. xsrc/11501: xman uses incompatible filenames for preformated manpages. port-i386/11502: i386 CPUID table update
makoto@hauN.ORG bin/11503: dependency of non-generated files in the tree port-i386/11504: Breakage "make release" on NetBSD-current/i386
matthew green pkg/11505: sparc64 tcsh has problems with subshells and background programs
Charlie Root port-sparc64/11506: ksh hangs when doing pipes
11/16/2000 install/11507: sysinst redraws an awful lot before going to the next menu item
wiz@danbala.ifoer.tu kern/11508: kernel compilation fails with uaudio and no audio
Andrew Brown Re: port-i386/11504: Breakage "make release" on NetBSD-current/i386
bouyer@antioche.lip6 port-sparc64/11509: Ultra/1 dies under load
charlie@rubberduck.c pkg/11510: vnc is garbled on macppc
lukem@wasabisystems. kern/11511: no easy way to determine current dump device
Zdenek Salvet pkg/11512: mbone tools use wrong tcl version
Y. Takizawa port-macppc/11513: Bootable CD for Open Firmware 3 default setting port-mac68k/11514: netbsd 1.5Beta2 panics with on Quadra 660av with Logitech 3
kre@munnari.OZ.AU kern/11515: vnconfig requires read/write access to the underlying file
Antti Kantee kern/11516: nfs exporting of lfs doesn't work very well
Mason Loring Bliss bin/11518: chfn (at the least) nullifies passwords through yp
Mason Loring Bliss Re: bin/11518: chfn (at the least) nullifies passwords through yp
John Hawkinson bin/11521: 1.5beta2 ssh client can't read old RSA key files
Chuck Silvers kern/11522: siop doesn't work with tosha, ncr does
Chuck Silvers kern/11523: ahc driver doesn't work with tosha
11/19/2000 kern/11525: LFS + LOCKDEBUG produce warning messages
Richard Earnshaw port-arm32/11526: xterm menus don't work on Xarm32VIDC (with patch)
sugimoto@sums.shiga- port-sparc/11527: Optical mouse complains of "ms0: input overrun"
Bernd Sieker pkg/11528: lilypond package fails with python2.0 because of missing "find" modu
11/20/2000 port-macppc/11529: gmac interface unstable under high load
p99dreyf@criens.u-ps pkg/11530: A package for ICU (Unicode support) port-vax/11531: vs3100 fails to boot from CD standards/11532: a script to keep /etc/protocols up-to-date
michael@diaspora.gen kern/11533: Socket EA PCMCIA ethernet adapter is not supported. bin/11534: fsck_lfs doesn't check and/or fix lfs_dmeta in LFS superblock
Matthias Scheler bin/11535: NFS access in automounter broken pkg/11540: abuse package broken on arm32 bin/11542: ksh/sh -e bug in for loops
Andrew Brown bin/11543: vi crashes easily with a botched .exrc
Antti Kantee bin/11544: vi crashes easily when using interrupt instead of esc
Tero Kivinen y2k/11545: gmtime does not work after 2038 kern/11547: various fixes in the lfs syscalls and lfs_cleanerd
11/22/2000 lib/11546: setlocale does not support anything else than C and POSIX
John.P.Darrow@wheato pkg/11548: latest IS_BUILTIN_XPM breaks on XFree86 3.x kern/11549: ex driver counting 2x if_[io]bytes, bad oerrors count port-macppc/11551: top gives bogus(?) output port-i386/11552: 1.5_BETA2 i386 DISKLESS config file missing MII/PHY lines
Steinar Hamre kern/11553: cd1(umass0:0:0): readonly device pkg/11554: ee core dumps on exit
Urban Boquist Re: kern/8151: System locks up with nfs loopback mounts
lukem@wasabisystems. port-arm32/11555: can't compile libbfd with -g...
eramore@era-t.ericss bin/11556: wiconfig prints binary keys as text
Richard Earnshaw lib/11557: stdlib.h unconditionally prototypes qdiv()
Klaus Klein pkg/11558: graphics/xanim isn't xpkgwedge-proof
p99dreyf@criens.u-ps pkg/11560: a package for Xalan-C (XSL engine written in C++)
p99dreyf@criens.u-ps pkg/11559: a package for Xerces-C (XML parser written in C++) kern/11561: Linux realplay do not work so well.
Ian Dall port-pc532/11562: Gdb corrupts stack when executing code in inferior process bin/11563: lint(7) man page is not cross compile-safe. pkg/11564: xskat package update to v3.4
chris@buzzbee.freese pkg/11565: xpm from pkgsrc fails to build
Chris Baird port-mac68k/11566: unnecessary kernel dependency on serial driver pkg/11567: a new package of Perl's 'make'
bernd@arresum.inka.d lib/11568: Usage of rpcgen in lib/librpcsvc/Makefile is wrong kern/11569: ipnat only allows one operation kern/11570: USB vendor/device Id's for Xirlink's "IBM PC Camera" pkg/11571: Updated realplayer7 from beta; getting bad system call (core dumped)
Matthias Scheler pkg/11572: "gnome-vfs" package fails to build
11/27/2000 pkg/11573: Update pkg Makefiles with proper maintenance instructions
Jim Dutton pkg/11574: suggested patches for web500gw-2.1b3 package
lukem@wasabisystems. port-arm32/11575: panic with chuq's vmtest.c on ubc shark pkg/11576: MirrorMagic-1.3 is not configured to play sounds on NetBSD
Wolfgang Rupprecht bin/11577: ssh "istate/ostate != open"
Andrew Brown bin/11578: x_ftp from alpha "make release" does not build, inet6 problem
wiz@danbala.tuwien.a bin/11579: vi dumps core port-sparc64/11580: ddb's show registers causes unaligned memory access
Richard Earnshaw bin/11581: GDB's readline is severely crippled
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11582: p5-GD has been updated to 1.32
Martin Husemann kern/11583: UBC and softdep can't unmount fs on shutdown
Kouichi Matsuda kern/11584: mmap() file on kern, proc, union file systems returns illegal (bad)
Kouichi Matsuda kern/11585: msync() causes panic on NFS filesystem.
kre@munnari.OZ.AU bin/11586: ping looks to have a slight problem...
isaki@net.ipc.hirosh kern/11587: Typo in sys/dev/scsipi/scsi_all.h lib/11588: shared object "" not found
jsmolens+@andrew.cmu port-pmax/11589: NetBSD pmax dlopen returns invalid handle
jsmolens+@andrew.cmu port-pmax/11590: NetBSD pmax dlopen returns invalid handle
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11591: should be added to
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11595: p5-gtk updated to 0.7004
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11592: ucd-snmp is moving
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11593: p5-DBI updated to 1.14
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11594: New pkg submission - p5-mp3-tag
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11596: p5-DBD-mysql pkg updated to 1.2215
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11597: p5-pgsql pkg updated to 1.9.0
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11598: New pkg submission - p5-compress-zlib
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11599: p5-XML-Parser updated to 2.29
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11601: p5-Net-Telnet updated to 3.02
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11602: p5-SNMP updated to 3.1.0
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11600: New pkg submission - p5-SSLeay
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11603: p5-Net-SNMP updated to 3.60
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11604: New pkg submission - p5-Net-IRC
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11605: p5-Image-Size updated to 2.904
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11607: p5-HTML-Tree updated to 3.08
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11606: p5-IO-Tty updated to 0.04
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11609: New pkg submission - p5-GDGraph3d
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11608: p5-HTML-Tagset updated to 3.03
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11610: p5-Expect updated to 1.10
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11611: p5-Date-Manip pkg updated to 5.39
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/11612: p5-Date-Calc pkg updated to 4.3
11/30/2000 port-sparc/11613: MySQL port-sparc kern/11614: fdc_pcmcia.c doesn't compile due to missing include files
ura@hiru.aoba.yokoha bin/11615: pim6sd(8) has alignment problem
ura@hiru.aoba.yokoha bin/11616: mld6query(8) and pim6dd(8) have alignment problem pkg/11617: lastest freetype-lib won't compile with previously installed freetyp
nathanw@MIT.EDU kern/11618: NFS problems with .. pkg/11619: Xemacs can't download it's own packages install/11620: misc/GENERIC.fs missing from NetBSD-1.4.3 install tree pkg/11621: chimera package build error