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Re: Perl5 update

Am 05.06.2014 um 13:40 schrieb Edgar Fuß <>:

> JR> This is not true anymore. Packager::Utils will do that for (some)one.
> That sounds great.

It does - and in many cases it works fine. I have to do some final polishing
and than I can do a first release to pkgsrc developers. wiz@ and joerg@ provided
very useful feedback and I expect that not to much bullshit happens at early
adopters :)

> EF> 2. Someone has to re-do that when modules get added to/removed from Core.
> JR> See RE: 1
> Oh, it automatically inspects all Makefiles and replaces the outdated 
> information with uptdated one? That sounds even better.

Depends - some information are reused, some are replaced. It's also a 90%
tool - but a "${FAV_SCMCMD} diff" should be reasonable for pkgsrc developers :)

> EF> 4. What do you write if you need a module that has been removed from Core?
> EF>   You can't express a range in PERL5_REQD, do you?
> JR> No, in that case always the separate package is referred.
> Hm, and if my native Perl still has that module in Core?

Than the pkgsrc one installed into vendor_lib is used anyway. It generates
bullet-prof dependencies - not optimized for size. I'm not sure if that is
the goal ;)

> EF> 5. Suppose you have a native Perl 5.40 satisfying all requirements but 
> EF> lacking the required Foo::Bar module, which is included in pkgsrc's Perl 
> EF> 5.42 (and also available in pkgsrc as devel/p5-Foo-Bar).
> EF> Then, your approach, contrary to the, as I just learned, deprecated
> EF>   DEPENDS+= {perl>=5.42,p5-Foo-Bar>=1.23}:../../devel/p5-Foo-Bar
> EF> practise, will pull in the pkgsrc Perl 5.42, not p5-Foo-Bar.
> EF> Is that what is desired?
> JR> Currently pkgsrc comes with one perl only.
> Yes, but in another part of this thread I was told I had to care about 
> native (e.g. non-pkgsrc) Perl. I really don't know about that. Do I have 
> to care about native Perl or not?

Nope, you don't (Compare output of different perl -V when searching for @INC).

  perl -MData::Dumper -le 'print Dumper \@INC, $^X'

might enligthen those who fear.

Any pkgsrc package will replace the perl-interpreter and
$^X will always give the FQPN to the interpreter. If you have an application
what runs 

  system( "perl ..." )

open a ticket against that. This is horribly wrong. 

Jens Rehsack
pkgsrc, Perl5

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