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Re: Perl5 update

> From what I see right now, we'd need at least
>   * all modules ever included in perl to pkgsrc paths, or, probably
>     better,
>   * all perl modules to pkgsrc paths
Eh, I did mention that I'm NOT proposing pkgsrc's infrastructure to map 
Perl Modules to pkgsrc, paths, right?

> * a file containing the current state of what perl provides itself
> * a script that updates this file based on corelist output
Something like that. Basically, for every release of Perl, a list of 
Module/Version pairs.

> * some dependency logic that reads these files to decide if pulling in
>   perl is enough or if a different pkgsrc package is needed
Yes. grep the version number and compare to the required one.

> * some way to semiautomatically add lines to
>   when a new perl package is added to pkgsrc
I seem to have forgotten to mention that I'm NOT proposing to automatically 
have pkgsrc map Perl Module names to pkgsrc package names.

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