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Re: General direction of current sysinst [was: Re: Sysinst support for installing source sets]

On 3/7/12 4:50 AM, Marc Balmer wrote:
As far as my work is concernced, I can only repeat what I stated earlier:  I am 
integrating Lua into sysinst and provide a Lua scripted installer that behaves 
exactly as the current installer, but is easier to change/adapt/extend.

That would be good to see, and is certainly what I would have used to implement the extensions I did, had it been available.

Whether that should be in NetBSD 6 or not is not my decision, but imo it would 
be suboptimal to do a lot of fixes now in the C part when everyone is aware 
that more general work on sysinst is going on.

When I began working on the stuff I added, it was definitely with the thought that a way of setting up a system more completely was needed for 6.0. Whether that happens now is mostly a matter of whether things can be polished enough in the next week or two to go in. I think my changes work OK (not great) from a functional point of view, but the user interface needs work that I am not likely to get around to... it's not my strong suit (as evidenced by the way it looks right now).
I am hesitant to commit my changes because of that.

Are there any critical, i.e. showstopper bugs in current sysinst that have to 
be fixed for NetBSD 6?

I'm not aware of any, other than *really* wanting at least basic binary pkg integration available for the release.


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