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Additional post-install configuration

I've done some work on implementing some additional post-install
configuration, but I've stalled out a bit because of other things going
on. (plus, it isn't that much fun. :)

What I've done is to make a configuration screen in which one can opt to
select each individual post-install item, or none, hopefully obviating
the need to answer a litany of questions (do you want to configure
this?  How about that?  or this other thing?) for those not performing
the configurations.

As it stands now, the basic screen is implemented, and it's called
post-install in place of the timezone/root shell/root password questions
(which have been moved to the new screen).  The post-install config can
be run against a previous netbsd install as well.

What it desperately needs is some friendlying-up.  Some warmer, fuzzier,
more descriptive text would go a long way towards this.  Also, there are
no translations done.  (rather, they're all in English, since I figure
they'll change anyway - no sense having to retranslate each thing 5
times every time something changes)

Additional functionality included:  there is a "configure binary
packages" option which attempts to install pkgin over the network, and
set up its path.  No actual binary packages other than pkgin are
installed, but that could be added by someone else (hint, hint).  You
can also install pkgsrc, and turn on sshd, ntpd, ntpdate and mdnsd.  It
doesn't yet edit nsswitch.conf, though it probably should.

I've been sitting on this for a few days without additional progress. 
Any additional help is appreciated.

The patches are here:

It's not the prettiest, but it works.  Mostly.  :)


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