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General direction of current sysinst [was: Re: Sysinst support for installing source sets]


> I looked at Jeffs' diff and tested it on amd64: it worked for me and
> I liked the problem it solves by batching all the weary questions into
> one menu. Marc's (one of my sponsors) changes to sysinst address
> something slightly different but could usurp the former if everyone
> is ok with having Lua as the scripting language. I think, though,
> that Jeff's changes are "lean and mean" and adding Lua is not going
> to happen everywhere soon. For that reason I would welcome Jeff's
> changes and leave the exciting Lua enhancements as optional (for now).
I wonder about the general direction of sysinst. I have some time and would
like to help with some stuff, but I'm not really sure about the current goals.

On the one hand, there's a 6.0 release soon, on the other hand, there's a
(eventually) complete rebuild of sysinst.
The former one is imho the important case (I'd see the rework rather as a
complete restructuring). There are several open bug reports about sysinst
which are sometimes easy, sometimes impossible to fix before release
(assuming release is at some point in April).

What should and what can be done before 6.0 release? There were several
patches in the last days, what should be done besides them?
Will deeper modifications have enough time for testing?

Regards, Julian

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