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Re: General direction of current sysinst [was: Re: Sysinst support for installing source sets]

Am 07.03.2012 um 14:05 schrieb Julian Djamil Fagir:

> Hi,
>> Whether that should be in NetBSD 6 or not is not my decision, but imo it
>> would be suboptimal to do a lot of fixes now in the C part when everyone is
>> aware that more general work on sysinst is going on.
> that's my concern, too.
>> Are there any critical, i.e. showstopper bugs in current sysinst that have
>> to be fixed for NetBSD 6?
> on the hackathon page, there are several listed, which could potentially be
> fixed without much work or need some clarification.
> But imho, there are no critical ones, but some would be nice to have and
> easy to do if the issues around were clarified, as the ones mentioned in this
> thread.
> This is why I'm asking: Which bug reports and patches are worth looking at?
> If the new sysinst won't be pulled up to 6.0, you'll have to deal with the
> current version of sysinst and its (lack of) features for a few years.

I don't full agree with the "you have to deal with ... for years".  I quite 
sure new sysinst will not be pulled up to netbsd-6 branch for the NetBSD 6 
release, but after that, why not?  A branch is not a dead-end.  And NetBSD 6.1 
could come with advances, imo.

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