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Re: Sysinst support for installing source sets


> Looking at the hackathon list, these regard sysinst:
> Lua = mbalmer's initiative post 6.0 moving it to /sbin/sysinst, say
> TBF = To be fixed by 6.0
>  ?  = open


>  Lua * [64]PR 9582: sysinst doesn't allow source or pkgsrc installation
>  TBF * [65]PR 38571: sysinst runs "postinstall fix"
>  Lua * [193]PR 39352: sysinst enhancement suggestion: file browser
These require (?) additional discussion. The fix for 38571 was proposed, but
then the task was changed to have a look at postinstall(8) or something like
that, don't know.
9582 is also trivial, there was just a request for discussion about the path,
but no discussion or regulation so far. The patch itself exists and is barely
more than copy&paste.
39352 also has an existing solution, there was just a request for help how to
include libfetch in the right way in a ramdisk.

>   ?  * [74]PR 45816: Screen corruption in German sysinst install
>  TBF * [192]PR 35538: sysinst duplicates hostname on upgrade
These are trivial problems with existing fixes (<10 lines).

>  TBF * [191]PR 35066: sysinst should save media options
This has already been solved, but the bug report is still open.

>  Lua * [118]PR 37415: sysinst should be available after installation
>  Lua * [120]PR 39697: no raidframe support in sysinst
>  Lua * [187]PR 9900: sysinst only uses 1 drive
>  Lua * [189]PR 17593: suggestions to improve sysinst wrt disk handling
>   ?  * [190]PR 17801: sysinst doesn't correctly handle changing mount
>   ?  * [117]PR 9904: sysinst sometimes doesn't store network config
These issues are difficult or lengthy with current sysinst. Disk handling is
difficult (creating dynamic menus, etc.), multiple disks, and exchanging the
order of disk setup, and most probably not worth the work if they're replaced
in a few months or weeks.
But they can be easily addressed with the design of the new sysinst.

Regards, Julian

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