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Re: Sysinst support for installing source sets


> I have a patch to sysinst which adds the ability to install source
> sets, and I'm wondering if I should commit it.
> ...
> Second, because source sets reside in a different directory than the
> binary sets both on install media and on FTP sites (as a result of
> being machine independent), sysinst now lets you enter a separate
> "Binary set directory" and "Source set directory" instead of just a
> "Set directory".  A default source set directory is provided and will
> be correct in the typical cases, such as installing by FTP from
> or from an ISO built using " iso-image-source".
as already stated by you, this is half of the fix for PR install/9582.
Doing the same for pkgsrc is mostly copy&paste (I've already done that), but
it's not very clean.
To fetch pkgsrc, you cannot use the ftp directories as used before, because
they are rooted in the netbsd/ directory. To fetch pkgsrc, you'd have to use
a ../pkgsrc/ in the pathname.
Do you really want that? Or rather change the ftp root directory (which might
not be reliable)?

Regards, Julian

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