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Re: General direction of current sysinst [was: Re: Sysinst support for installing source sets]


> Whether that should be in NetBSD 6 or not is not my decision, but imo it
> would be suboptimal to do a lot of fixes now in the C part when everyone is
> aware that more general work on sysinst is going on.
that's my concern, too.

> Are there any critical, i.e. showstopper bugs in current sysinst that have
> to be fixed for NetBSD 6?
on the hackathon page, there are several listed, which could potentially be
fixed without much work or need some clarification.
But imho, there are no critical ones, but some would be nice to have and
easy to do if the issues around were clarified, as the ones mentioned in this
This is why I'm asking: Which bug reports and patches are worth looking at?
If the new sysinst won't be pulled up to 6.0, you'll have to deal with the
current version of sysinst and its (lack of) features for a few years.

Regards, Julian

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