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Re: Sysinst support for installing source sets

On Wed, Mar 07, 2012 at 12:01:00PM +0100, Marc Balmer wrote:
> Am 07.03.2012 um 11:42 schrieb Adrian Steinmann:
> > to happen everywhere soon. For that reason I would welcome Jeff's
> > changes and leave the exciting Lua enhancements as optional (for now).
> Why is "adding Lua" not going to happen everywhere soon?  Much to the 
> contrary, that change will happen in the near future.

Yes, I agree that it's even happening "as we speak" :-) My soon-emphasis
was on "everywhere". To be honest, I do not think that Lua-enabled
sysinst will be "the" sysinst on its day one.

We should agree for the short term (i.e., 6.0) which sysinst bugs
that should be addressed, fix them and pull those up. The only
"overlap" right now between mbalmer and riz enhancements are how
pkgsrc could/should be integrated.  Maybe the gentle way would be
to not do that for 6.0 yet keeping the new menu and fix some bugs
leaving pkgsrc integration for the lua-ized sysinst which may
eventually run "everywhere".

Looking at the hackathon list, these regard sysinst:

Lua = mbalmer's initiative post 6.0 moving it to /sbin/sysinst, say
TBF = To be fixed by 6.0
 ?  = open

 Lua * [64]PR 9582: sysinst doesn't allow source or pkgsrc installation
 TBF * [65]PR 38571: sysinst runs "postinstall fix"
  ?  * [74]PR 45816: Screen corruption in German sysinst install
  ?  * [117]PR 9904: sysinst sometimes doesn't store network config
 Lua * [118]PR 37415: sysinst should be available after installation
 Lua * [120]PR 39697: no raidframe support in sysinst
 Lua * [187]PR 9900: sysinst only uses 1 drive
 Lua * [189]PR 17593: suggestions to improve sysinst wrt disk handling
  ?  * [190]PR 17801: sysinst doesn't correctly handle changing mount
 TBF * [191]PR 35066: sysinst should save media options
 TBF * [192]PR 35538: sysinst duplicates hostname on upgrade
 Lua * [193]PR 39352: sysinst enhancement suggestion: file browser

I am a bit uneasy in volunteering time because I'm going to ABC2012
and then extending the the stay another two weeks. That is, I will
be AFK for much of March.


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