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Re: x11 clashes of base and pkg [Was Re: Confusing versioning scheme of freetyp2?]

On Wed, May 9, 2018, at 15:48, Cág wrote:
> Greg Troxel wrote:
> > So I wonder about the sxiv example, and if there are settings
> > mismatches.
> It's not only sxiv though, I used it as an example. The same happens
> also for openbox. *But*, most other packages from x11/wm categories I
> tried don't have such mismatches, they are linked against base X11. It
> certainly was worse last time I tried it.
> As for xorg in netbsd-8, Mesa for example is 10.3.5, which is very old
> (2014). graphics/MesaLib is 11.2.2 from 2016 and wip/MesaLib is 13.0.1
> from 2016 too. OpenBSD has the 13.0.6 version in xenocara. FreeBSD's
> versions are 18.0.3 for mesa-dri and 17.3.0 for mesa-libs.

It seems to me that this thread is talking about four different
problems, and it would be useful to tackle them separately.  I'm afraid
that I've confused matters by reusing one of Cág's examples for a
different problem, so here's my attempt to clarify:

1- Can one build packages from source that use base X11 where possible
and get consistent results?  As asked in
This works for many of us and, as of
seems to work for Mayuresh (?).  If it doesn't work, there's a bug in
the affected packages.

2- Can one set up a /usr/pkg tree using *only* packages downloaded from
the  official repos, on a machine that has the x11 sets installed,
without  getting link errors?  As asked in
I haven't tested this personally, but I would expect it to work and I
would consider any package from the official repos that doesn't work in
this case to be buggy.

3- Can one combine locally-built packages with packages downloaded from
official repos, as described in
(where a single package was downloaded in an otherwise locally-built
tree).  As Greg has explained, this is only expected to work if the locally-
built packages and the official repos are using the same version of
pkgsrc, the same options in mk.conf, and probably the same base system
version (since the choice of which base libraries to use and which to
override with pkgsrc versions depends on how old the base system is).
Again, if there is a package in the official repos that shows
inconsistent or duplicate linkages when installed to a tree of packages
that were compiled with consistent assumptions, that's a reportable bug.
But in this case the first reflex of any outside observer is going to be
to ask whether everything really was consistent, as Greg and I both did.

4- Is the x11 in base useful/usable?  Some of us find it so, though
parts of it are old, as you've just pointed out.  If someone has energy
to invest in updating Mesalib in base I'm sure we'd all appreciate it,
but I for one am happy to use what we've got (in -current).

-- IDL

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