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Re: x11 clashes of base and pkg [Was Re: Confusing versioning scheme of freetyp2?]

Cág <> writes:

> Ian D. Leroux wrote:
>> I've just built sxiv, since that was mentioned in an earlier message,
>> and I don't see any duplicated libraries:
> If you build from source, you obviously wouldn't have duplicated
> libraries. Now do "pkg_delete sxiv" and "pkg_add sxiv" from a remote
> repository, then run ldd. For example, my output of ldd:

There's a point that may not be obvious, which is that pkgsrc requires a
consisten build of all packages, with the same options.  (If you violate
this rule, things may work, but they may not.)

This consistency requirement turns out to be significant because one of
the good things about pkgsrc is that you can set options in mk.conf that
control how packages are built, like X11_TYPE, and PREFER_PKGSRC.

It is safe to mix binary packages from pkgin and packages you build
yourself.  However, for that to be safe, you have to have mk.conf that
matches the one used for the binary package builds, and a source tree
that matches.

So I wonder about the sxiv example, and if there are settings

My overall impression is that xorg in netbsd-8 is new enough to not be
troublesome, and that the version in netbsd-6 is pretty old (which is
fair enough, as 2012 was a long time ago!).   I've been using native X11
on netbsd-7 without much trouble.

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