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Re: x11 clashes of base and pkg [Was Re: Confusing versioning scheme of freetyp2?]

Greg Troxel wrote:

> So I wonder about the sxiv example, and if there are settings
> mismatches.

It's not only sxiv though, I used it as an example. The same happens
also for openbox. *But*, most other packages from x11/wm categories I
tried don't have such mismatches, they are linked against base X11. It
certainly was worse last time I tried it.

As for xorg in netbsd-8, Mesa for example is 10.3.5, which is very old
(2014). graphics/MesaLib is 11.2.2 from 2016 and wip/MesaLib is 13.0.1
from 2016 too. OpenBSD has the 13.0.6 version in xenocara. FreeBSD's
versions are 18.0.3 for mesa-dri and 17.3.0 for mesa-libs.


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