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Re: long-broken packages (some are removal candidates)

On Tue, Apr 03, 2012 at 04:56:13PM +0200, Alistair Crooks wrote:
 > > That and of course the packages listed in the other thread break. Many
 > > of them are already broken for other reasons anyway. There are only a
 > > couple that really need to be fixed before such a transition is made.
 > That's a consequence of using the Debian-like "user-destdir" variation
 > of a staged install (which is a perfectly acceptable way of doing it,
 > don't get me wrong).  When we did package views originally, that was
 > only one way that we had of doing staged installs, we also had special
 > versions of install(1), pax, cp etc, which recognised the target dir
 > and fixed up accordingly.  It may be that's an easier option for this
 > kind of thing.  (where that method fell down was in all of libtool's
 > shuffling of bits around, all kinds of utilities were invoked on the
 > various libs.  This isn't a problem for things like ezm3). 

No, but ezm3 dumps stuff (intermediate compile results!) into $PREFIX
and then expects to be able to read it back later in the same build.
That approach won't work either. I don't think anything will besides
hacking the modula-3 build 'tools'; that isn't simple and will likely
break modula-3 applications. Fortunately the only one we have to care
about is cvsup; still it'll be a good chunk of work. And it's a
horrible, horrible system.

David A. Holland

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