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Re: long-broken packages (some are removal candidates)

John Marino <> writes:

> On 4/2/2012 06:52, Aleksej Saushev wrote:
>>> archivers/rar
>>> misc/root
>> These two should be just updated.
>>> www/ocsigen
>>> Like ocamlduce, broke after the last major ocaml update, which was
>>> some time back. However, there's an update available in gnats; I was
>>> intending to apply that after the last freeze but haven't had time.
>> This one should be updated. It just takes time.
>>> www/pound
>>> Typical openssl lossage, but has been broken for a long time. As with
>>> others, this may be a removal candidate if nobody wants it.
>> This should be updated.
> Aleksej,
> Are you volunteering to fix these packages?  Use of passive
> voice here doesn't solve the issue.  I'd say any package on this
> list should have somebody step forward to care for it in order
> to change its removal candidate status.

Step forward and fix them then. You haven't tried so far, have you?
Perhaps, it is not hard with some diligence and at least minimal knowledge.
If you don't want to fix them, don't touch them then. Please, spend your
efforts on anything more constructive than pushing your views which packages
deserve to live and which do not.

I know that this is harsh, but you force me to be harsh.
I don't have time to deal with all this at once, and all you do with your
proposal is nothing but forcing your personal views which packages are
useful to people outside you or your community and which are not based
on reports for one particular operating system (NetBSD) running on one
particular platform (amd64).

We have people slowly adopting pkgsrc on other systems, for other uses
and slowly fixing arising issues one by one. Your attitude "lets' remove
parallel/sge since following reports it fails for a long time" only harms
pkgsrc acceptance.


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