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Re: Subversion without python and/or Ruby?

Eric Gillespie wrote:
>>    Try seeing it from my perspective: I've never run into anything like
>> this in pkgsrc before. Ihough it may seem minor change to you [the
>> average i386 or sparc user, that is], to me it's a huge shift in priorities.
> Try seeing it from the perspective of the user who installs
> 'subversion' and then wonders why this component referenced in
> documentation is missing.  pkgsrc isn't perfect, but it's far
> better at this than Debian.

   Without having any statistics to back it up: I'd wager that's by far
a lesser problem than people trying to build subversion using the meta
package - possibly as they have for years - and realizing that it won't
build because it has a dependency on a highly non-portable package.

> It seems to me that someone who knows a thing or two about our
> java infrastructure can really fix this: isn't there something
> subversion/Makefile can include that will tell it whether java is
> supported or not?

   Better yet: Add a global option "-java" which simply disables
anything which has to do with java in all packages to which is applies.
Obviously, "-java" is off by default for architectures which can't run
Sun's Java (if that is the dependency).

   Anyway -- my opinion has been expressed. If my arguments are
reasonable, please consider making devel/subversion
crossplatform-friendly again. Otherwise just ignore me. :)

   ...oh, and Adam Hoka had a valid point; perhaps meta packages should
go into meta-pkgs -- or is that reserved for packages with "important"
dependencies spanning several categories?

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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