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Re: Booting from a USB disk

On 27.04.2020 23:02, Vincent DEFERT wrote:
> I have also installed NetBSD on a server (Dell R610) previously running
> FreeBSD.
> The problem I had there is that NetBSD does not support EFI partition
> sizes greater than 128 MB.
> In this case also, I had to wipe the partition table, but I could do it
> with NetBSD's gpt(8).

I had such a case. The efi of my old server(it was Intel MB) only
supported a 16 bit vfat boot partition. And if during installation I
selected it over 128MiB, then the installer formatted it at 32 bit vfat
and I could not boot in EFI mode. See the default parameters
“mkfs.vfat –F”.

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