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Re: Booting from a USB disk

Vincent DEFERT <> writes:

> I've installed NetBSD on an external USB disk and made sure its
> /etc/fstab was correct.
> However, when I reboot on this disk, I have a "Heap full" error and
> the machine boots on its internal disk.

It would help if you were much more precise about what you are doing to
boot and exactly what happens.  I can't tell if you are using the BIOS
to boot the disk, or some EFI thing, and how far it gets.

> If I drop to the boot prompt and type "boot hd0:", NetBSD boots normally.

This is also unclear - a key point is if that boot loader was loaded
from the USB disk, or not.

> My guess is that I need to set some additional option in some
> configuration file.
> With FreeBSD, I need to set vfs.mountroot.timeout="10" in
> /boot/loader.conf, for instance.

Many things are possible, but far more information is needed to help

(Reply on list, not to me personally, as always.)

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