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Re: X11 makes black screen


Matt Sporleder wrote:
> Does dhcp change your hostname or mess with /etc/hosts much? 
> What if you startx before running dhclient?
> It sounds like the display 0 gets corrupted or confused somehow. 
I'm still trying to "unbrick" my old faithful laptop here.

To simplify things, I stopped using dhclient. I did configure my IP
statically and put the short and long hostname in hosts.

If I boot without the network card (= no network) or put the network
card in after boot, X11 starts up beautifully!

If I run the network script in rc.d or leave the network card in so that
it configures at boot, X will hang. Before booting, I checked that I can
ping myself both as localhost as with the short host name. I'm quite
clueless! The setup is quite similar to my newer laptop, except that I
am running 6.1 instead of "current".

Having thus excluded dhclient, I think this is some kind of bug.


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