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Tying to get old software to build - fsviewer-app-0.2.6

I'm running NetBSD 6_Stable i386 on a dell C400 laptop w/1G ram.

This is my second attempt to get a usable desktop environment running
under NetBSD in about 13 years using it as a command line only OS. The
first attempt was aborted because my old laptop was indeed too old and
underpowered to be any fun, this laptop seems worth resurrecting.

I'm using the windowmaker desktop meta-package...which installed well.
I chose this because it purports to be lightweight and I had some
experience with NeXT way back when...

Pkgsrc Mozilla and gimp compiled and installed and seem to work well
enough, though Mozilla 17 does tax the hardware.

I wanted a graphical file/directory browser...I did not find what I
wanted in pkgsrc (I did not want to drag in gnome or kde, but I'm
open to suggestions). I found what appears
to be a fairly lightweight alternative in fsviewer-app-0.2.6.

* - First, I downloaded it to /usr/local/src and set about trying to
get it to compile. I found a few missing dependencies, but finally
it configure'd and compiled (make) cleanly.

Problem 1: The executable knows the right version of all the shared
libraries (I inspected and see them via strings), but looks
in /usr/local/lib rather than /usr/pkg/lib. I cannot figure out
how/where I should put a flag to make it look in the right place.

* - Second, I looked at the "The pkgsrc developer's guide" and the
ELF FAQ, and ran through the example to try to create a package for
this app, I put this in my pkgsrc/wip/fsviewer-app-0.2.6.

Problem 2: url2pkg worked fine, but when I try to make, the compiler
cannot find any of the libraries in /usr/pkg/lib (kinda the opposite
problem to my first attempt). I suspect there is a directive I should
put in either the package Makefile or in one of the files in the
package inside of work, but again, I'm stuck and could use some


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