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Re: Tying to get old software to build - fsviewer-app-0.2.6

In article <>,
 <yancm%SDF.ORG@localhost> wrote:
>I'm running NetBSD 6_Stable i386 on a dell C400 laptop w/1G ram.
>This is my second attempt to get a usable desktop environment running
>under NetBSD in about 13 years using it as a command line only OS. The
>first attempt was aborted because my old laptop was indeed too old and
>underpowered to be any fun, this laptop seems worth resurrecting.
>I'm using the windowmaker desktop meta-package...which installed well.
>I chose this because it purports to be lightweight and I had some
>experience with NeXT way back when...
>Pkgsrc Mozilla and gimp compiled and installed and seem to work well
>enough, though Mozilla 17 does tax the hardware.
>I wanted a graphical file/directory browser...I did not find what I
>wanted in pkgsrc (I did not want to drag in gnome or kde, but I'm
>open to suggestions). I found what appears
>to be a fairly lightweight alternative in fsviewer-app-0.2.6.
>* - First, I downloaded it to /usr/local/src and set about trying to
>get it to compile. I found a few missing dependencies, but finally
>it configure'd and compiled (make) cleanly.
>Problem 1: The executable knows the right version of all the shared
>libraries (I inspected and see them via strings), but looks
>in /usr/local/lib rather than /usr/pkg/lib. I cannot figure out
>how/where I should put a flag to make it look in the right place.

In the linker line add -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib next to the -L/usr/pkg/lib


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