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Re: Tying to get old software to build - fsviewer-app-0.2.6


On 02/05/13 13:17, yancm%SDF.ORG@localhost wrote:
I'm running NetBSD 6_Stable i386 on a dell C400 laptop w/1G ram.

This is my second attempt to get a usable desktop environment running
under NetBSD in about 13 years using it as a command line only OS. The
first attempt was aborted because my old laptop was indeed too old and
underpowered to be any fun, this laptop seems worth resurrecting.

I'm using the windowmaker desktop meta-package...which installed well.
I chose this because it purports to be lightweight and I had some
experience with NeXT way back when...

Pkgsrc Mozilla and gimp compiled and installed and seem to work well
enough, though Mozilla 17 does tax the hardware.

I wanted a graphical file/directory browser...I did not find what I
wanted in pkgsrc (I did not want to drag in gnome or kde, but I'm
open to suggestions). I found what appears
to be a fairly lightweight alternative in fsviewer-app-0.2.6.
I don't know how your C400 is, but if you love the "NeXT look" you might want to have look at the GNUstep stuff. It is reasonably lightweight (although not as FSViewer which is just a WINGS application). I develop on and for it even on quite ancient machines! It is slightly fatter than it used to be due to the fattening of many dependencies, thus RAM is welcome, but 1GB is plenty. I can run the stuff on a 450Mhz celeron with 128MB of ram but starts swapping soon. With 256MB it is fine and 1Ghz is Luxus :) Well, of course nowadays you most often have a browser like Seamonkey or Firefox and those eat a good part of the resources.

being an avid *BSD user, I test all the software I use on NetBSD, OpenBSD and FreeBSD: compared to other who are more linux centric.

Just polishing up the for the next release....


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