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Re: Tying to get old software to build - fsviewer-app-0.2.6

On Tue, 5 Feb 2013, yancm%SDF.ORG@localhost wrote:

> I wanted a graphical file/directory browser...I did not find what I
> wanted in pkgsrc (I did not want to drag in gnome or kde, but I'm
> open to suggestions). I found what appears
> to be a fairly lightweight alternative in fsviewer-app-0.2.6.

Looks like it was already packaged. See pkgsrc/sysutils/fsviewer.

> Problem 2: url2pkg worked fine, but when I try to make, the compiler
> cannot find any of the libraries in /usr/pkg/lib (kinda the opposite
> problem to my first attempt). I suspect there is a directive I should
> put in either the package Makefile or in one of the files in the
> package inside of work, but again, I'm stuck and could use some
> suggestions.

This part was already answered by mspo. But see the 
include.*buildlink examples in pkgsrc/sysutils/fsviewer/Makefile

You may also want to try lightweight file manager, pcmanfm. (A newer 
version which may nor may not work is in pkgsrc-wip.)

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