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Re: Websites on a Matrix Printer

Hello Herb,

   HL> its not that a rational decision with the matrix
     > printer.  I simply got a working Oki 3320 at a
     > computer market--used, cheap and in a decent
     > condition. And I also use a lot of terminal software
     > like vim, mutt and all. It really has something if it
     > zips out of this screaming thing--I missed that after
     > decades of smoothly designed plastic mountains and
     > graphical desktop setups.

    My old dot-matrix printer managed 120 characters per
second in draft mode and featured a tractor feed, so at the
time I liked it for program listings.

   HL> We hooked up my former Samsung laser printer on her
     > Apple iSomething (Unix for Girls ;).

    I know plenty of women who are comfortable in unix and
my 7-year-old daughter has had a Linux PC for some time.  I
don't think calling MacOS X (or iOS) "Unix for Girls" is
accurate or helpful.

   HL> These Postscript printers becoming less common, me
     > thinks ...

    I have just started working for an organisation that
frequently deploys PostScript-capable printers and copiers.

  - Andrew Ball

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