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Re: Websites on a Matrix Printer

> [...]
> So I will go begging on the pkgsrc-users list and hope the maintainers
> there can manage to update ghostscript. This gonna be exactly the way it
> should be--some straight text print from websites (some print versions
> or simple html-text without pictures).
> [...]

Hi Herb, if the web page has a "for print" version link, the
differences will not be appreciable. But for a normal  html,
html->ps->text isn't a good idea.  the best is use a program
that render the html directly  in  text,  and  the  best  is
definitely  elinks.   Ghostscript's txtwriter has given me a
lot of problems, and I  use  9.05  version  on  Gentoo.   In
pkgsrc-wip  there  is a new version, but i don't know if has
txtwriter device.  Anyway I recommend you use other  program
for  pdf|ps->text  conversion.   Try  with a web site's home
page. Print to file with your browser, and try to convert to
text  using  gs,  pdftotext  (try  with  the  -layout, -enc,
-nopkgbrk options) and elinks.  You'll see what I'm  talking


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