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Re: Games works better under control of NetBSD, than under Linux' ?

Linux?, but what Linux?

Clean  Crux  with  well  optimized  pkgmk.conf  and  kernel,
running a well configured X11 with dwm?,

Crappy Ubuntu with a generic kernel with KDE  and  thousands
of daemons dancing in your vm?

You  can  compare  a  particular  installation  of  a NetBSD
release with a particular installation of a particular Linux
distro.   But  say that a game runs better in NetBSD than in
Linux with such "experiments's data" is a little ridiculous.

No offense to anyone, please, I only want to  be  objective.
You  know, that's the reason why nobody wants to install the
game.  The results could only be of value to a  fool,  or  a
troll,  as someone  said to you previously with a good sense
of humor.

If you want to do a more or less serious "work"  about  this
subject, I suggest you start with a particular Linux distro.
Say Gentoo.   Install  a  base  system  optimized  for  your
machine  (make.conf).   Compile  a kernel (and do it good!).
Install only the software necessary for your goals, in  this
case  X  server  and  the game and his dependencies, and any
monitoring software you want to use.  Make  the  same  thing
with a NetBSD release.

And then... even then you only could say something like: "on
this particular Gentoo installation with this version of the
Linux  kernel  bla  bla bla and with this NetBSD release bla
bla bla", and bla.

Regards and, again, I don't want  to  offend  anyone.   Just
take it with a sense of humor.


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