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Re: NetBSD LiveUSB

Hi friends

Sorry for my reply;

Sometimes I think NetBSD is a love, is simple for me.
And sometimes developers or  users maybe don't have many time to do a
particular task;
it's are not common the  public usb flash images, but maybe in the
list you find a user with recent NetBSD images to share.

Best Regards

On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 1:03 PM,
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> You say, "Make a NetBSD live image is so simple," but maybe only for you
> (and me:). Imagine those many users (I saw their blogs as they shed tears
> that "No USB image is available for NetBSD").
> There are many users -
> 1) Like you and me
> 2) Like users in companies that need a quick decision, so how can this help
> them? -
> They need to install NetBSD first, so they rather choose Linux (as
> installing is pain for such users).
> 3) Users like the second half of me who could not install NetBSD as I have
> about dozens of OS's on my HD and I could not install NetBSD on the same
> disk where I had OpenBSD (these probably do not like each other and I felt
> the same pain:). Deleting partitions would mean many hours of lost time for
> me. The second half of mine also includes this Tantric philosophy; I'd be
> happy to see a guy coming to a school and showing NetBSD on a USB stick to
> the school staff including little children. This is love. If you want to let
> people feel pain, that is probably your option. I could not install NetBSD
> with dozens of OS's on my HD and the work I did was my option.
> Thank you,
> Juraj
> Francisco Valladolid H. wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Several projects are done for writing a :
>> 1
>> Or, You can a NetBSD live system :
>> Make a NetBSD live image is so simple,
>> Best Regards.
>> On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 2:19 AM, Thomas 
>> Mueller<>
>> wrote:
>>> from Juraj Sipos:
>>>> I could not find a NetBSD Live USB image on the Internet, so I made my
>>>> own.
>>>> I am contacting you on the recommendation of Hubert Feyrer, who wrote
>>>> me:
>>>> ---
>>>> thanks for your email - i think this is a very cool project!
>>>> I haven't found time to try it out myself, but there's a blog entry to
>>>> point
>>>> people at it:
>>>> Maybe you want to write to and/or
>>>> to tell people about this, too?
>>>> Keep up the good work!
>>> Live USB allows users to see what NetBSD looks like without modifying the
>>> hard drive.  Get a look-see before altering your hard drive.
>>> I saw where I could download images for live USB OpenBSD and
>>> DragonFlyBSD,
>>> but not NetBSD.
>>> Build system in /usr/src for NetBSD 6 and HEAD can build a live USB
>>> image,
>>> but this is only the base system.  I did this for HEAD but haven't tested
>>> it
>>> yet.  No graphic interface because I prefer to try modular Xorg from
>>> pkgsrc.
>>> You can also download NetBSD from
>>> and install that to USB stick if desired, but again, this is only the
>>> base
>>> system with no added packages.  I've done that several times.
>>> Tom

Francisco Valladolid H.
 -- - Jesus Christ follower.

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