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Re: Compiling 6.0_RC1 fails

Pongthep Kulkrisada <> writes:

> Thanks for your response,
>> >Some methods for upgrading using pkgsrc builds are documented at
>> >
>> >and
>> >
> Actually I did NOT mean to update the packages to the LATEST versions.
> I had a pain story with FreeBSD ports.
> But I only want to rebuild (from source) all installed packages QUARTERLY.
> For example, the last pkgsrc tree is pkgsrc-2012Q2.
> End of Q3 is not arrived.
> There might be some latest versions for each individual package,
> which are newer than ones in Q2.
> But I do not consider that; I only concern with pkgsrc in each quarter.
> ``make update'' will do this but it is dangerous.
> (If I am wrong, please correct me.)
>> >You may also choose to use binary packages (if available for your
>> >platform) and use pkgin (or nih).
> I have only one machine to get updated, pkgin not required.
> And AFAIK nih currently supports only binary updates.
> So both should not be my choices.
>> For today I am still using pkg_chk;
> Does pkg_chk update all packages to the latest for each individual package?
> Or it does update to ones given quarterly in pkgsrc tree?
> (I opt the later.)
> Thanks,

pkg_chk can upgrade packages to whatever you have in /usr/pkgsrc (or 
So if you checkout tree of pkgsrc-2012Q2 there, it will update to quarterly 

Daniel Horecki
BOFH since 1999.

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