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Re: glassfish on NetBSD?

On 9/5/11 5:39 PM, Jean-Yves Migeon wrote:
On 05.09.2011 20:33, Martin S. Weber wrote:
Having used NetBSD on my laptop since before 2004, I must admit that
at the moment, I am seriously considering a switch to Linux soon,
mainly because of this, but also because of lack of Flash support.

Flash works fine with latest -current Linux emulation also.

Not everybody can afford to run -current.

That disturbs me. NetBSD puts lots of effort to avoid regressions and
keep -current in a working state, reasonably. The kernel provides binary
compat modes for versions that are 10 years older or more. Running
current also helps testing.

That may be true, but I certainly don't expect our users to run -current even when they could. What disturbs me is that sometimes we have to tell our users to "run current" when they stumble upon a problem in a formal release or when they lack a driver.

I would actually prefer most of our users to run releases. That's why we put effort in creating them after all, and we should even put more effort to keep them up to date with minor feature additions.

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